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New Christie Matrix StIM™ – World’s First LED Simulation Projection System With Simultaneous Visible And Infrared Illumination

CYPRESS, CA – (November 26, 2008) – Christie, a leader in simulation projection display and visualization solutions, announces a revolution in simulation and training with the introduction of the Christie Matrix StIM™.  An industry breakthrough, the Christie Matrix StIM is the first customer-driven, arrayed projection display system with LED illumination that simultaneously renders simulated environments in both the visible and infrared spectrums.  Its modular architecture features Christie self-maintenance technology for exceptional stability, scalability, and sustainability. Easily achieving eye-limiting resolution, it’s an innovative solution that enables unparalleled realism and flexibility in training. 

The Christie Matrix StIM features Christie ArrayLOC™, an innovative technology that automatically adjusts and balances the brightness, color space and black levels of all the projectors in the display in real-time with no additional latency. The technology creates an exceptionally stable platform that provides the ultimate in scalability, with the LED light source and solid-state technology delivering more than 50,000 hours mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) for years of continuous, virtually maintenance-free operation. 

“The Christie Matrix StIM is a true game-changer. It’s a paradigm shift that challenges industry assumptions about simulation and training,” remarks Zoran Veselic, vice president, Visual Environments at Christie.  “We’re offering smaller, more reliable projection modules that work as one system and better meet the requirements for eye-limiting resolution, rather than higher resolution single units that have trouble working in arrays.  The Christie Matrix StIM is packed with innovations that set new standards of performance for simulation environments of virtually any size and configuration.”

Veselic continues, “We’re especially excited about the Christie Matrix StIM’s enormous potential in the field of night vision training.  Among its many industry firsts is Christie InfraScene™, which displays scenes in both the visible and infrared spectrum simultaneously upon the screens of a standard trainer. The infrared signatures can then stimulate actual Night Vision Goggles (NVGs), a feat that has not yet been accomplished in any practical way. With the NVGs responding just as they would in the real world, this will give users a more natural, untethered experience.”  

A total, purpose-built solution
The Christie Matrix StIM allows for total simulation integration, with limited impact to existing systems, enabling the widest possible field of view and field of regard. It offers maximum fidelity for mission rehearsal, planning, and training for specific environments.  Furthermore, with independent control of both the visible and infrared spectrums, the user can train seamlessly in both environments. It is ideal for mission-critical applications in the military as well as the civil markets, such as first responders.

“The Christie Matrix StIM will enable a level of NVG stimulation and corresponding training fidelity never before possible,” agrees Quaid “Q” Quadri, F-16 subject matter expert, BGI, LLC.

The Christie Matrix StIM is a scalable environment display system based on DLP® technology and InfraRGB™ LED illumination.  As a lamp-less system, there are no mounting or orientation restrictions. The LED light source also means very low power consumption that directly translates to lower operating heat, less cooling requirements and savings in electricity for a dramatically reduced sustainment cost.

“The Christie Matrix StIM represents an eloquent, cost-effective simulation solution that launches a new era in night vision training,” declares Veselic. 

Part of the Christie TotalVIEW™ solution, the Christie Matrix StIM is the first arrayed simulation system designed and engineered with Christie expertise featuring exceptionally long life, stability, reliability, quality and ease of use.

Christie Matrix StIM live at I/ITSEC
Christie will introduce the system at a press conference at I/ITSEC, December 1st, at 2:00PM (EST), in the media center, hall D1, of the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida.  Following the press conference, media are welcome to a technology preview of the Christie Matrix StIM at Christie's booth #525.

For more information on the Christie Matrix StIM, visit the I/ITSEC 2008 online press kit at and

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