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New Christie Mirage Series Sets Benchmark For Brightness And Image Quality In 3-D Projection

World’s First 3-chip DLP™ Purpose-Built Stereoscopic Projectors Achieve New Levels of Performance and Versatility

CYPRESS, CA – (December 2, 2004) – Christie, a major provider of visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry, has introduced the latest generation of its popular Christie Mirage series of 3-D purpose-built projectors. The world’s first 3-chip DLP™ stereoscopic projectors have been completely redesigned to set an entirely new standard of performance with even more capabilities. The comprehensive new line-up, which provides a powerful combination of SXGA+ resolution, high brightness and the highest contrast ratios available, includes the Christie Mirage S+2K, Mirage S+4K, Mirage S+8K and Mirage S+14K. The Christie Mirage projectors are universally recognized for their ability to recreate reality with exceptional fidelity while providing renowned Christie reliability and low cost-of-ownership.

Christie Mirage projectors enable users to combine multiple projectors on curved or flat screens seamlessly and in stereo to produce 3-D images. Higher resolution and improved image quality heightens the impact of stereo imagery and provides for more natural human interaction with even the most complex computer graphics models. The Christie Mirage series sets a new standard in active stereo projection with such industry leading features as a variable 1500-1800:1 contrast ratio, true 1400x1050, SXGA+ resolution and 10-bit image processing.

Additional standard features include high bandwidth signal processing, faster stereo sync rates, internal scaling of stereo signals, soft edge-blending, picture-in-picture and seamless switching between sources. On-board ChristieNET™ allows for remote monitoring, maintenance and control of all projectors from anywhere in the world. In addition, the Mirage series uses a full suite of interchangeable SXGA+ lenses and remains compatible with previous Mirage series input modules, so retrofitting is very affordable.

All Christie Mirage models use Xenon lamp technology, for easy and quick color and brightness matching across large screens in multiple projector settings. Xenon lamps provide a superior color spectrum that more closely replicates natural light, which is particularly important in immersive displays.

The new ChristieTWIST™ flexible image warping and processing module is an option on all new Mirage models and it enables images to be projected onto cylindrical, semi-spherical and dome screens.

The Mirage line has been completely redesigned to provide all of these advances in a considerably smaller, quieter package. They can be used in the widest range of applications and industries, including military and civil applications, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, energy, scientific research, entertainment and education.

“The new series of the highly popular Christie Mirage stereo projectors represents a higher level of performance, reliability and design – everything that sets Christie apart as an innovator in the field,” remarked Scott Richardson, Christie’s global product manager, Immersive Portfolio. “The Christie Mirage series represents a convergence of technological innovation, versatility and performance in powerful, compact designs.”

Ranging in brightness from 2,000 to 14,000 ANSI lumens, the Christie Mirage projectors can scale non-native resolutions at 3-D frame rates without the need of additional processing hardware. Coupled with the optional internal ChristieTWIST edge-blending and warping module, this offers an easy and affordable solution for retrofitting existing environments – further protecting a customer’s initial display investment. Christie Mirage is a single-unit system used for either passive or active stereoscopic projection and offers the highest bandwidth and highest quality signal processing for crisp stereo images without ghosting and other image artifacts.

“Christie continues to break the barriers of performance and price in 3-D projection. The Christie Mirage series is the pinnacle of stereo projection and further establishes our leadership in the rapidly evolving fields of virtual reality, 3-D and simulation,” said Richardson.

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