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New ChristieNET™ WAVE-DVD Offers Powerful And Versatile Wireless Solution For Video Presentations

INFOCOMM/Las Vegas – (June 8, 2005) – Christie, a leading provider of visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry, has introduced the ChristieNET™ WAVE-DVD, the latest addition to its ChristieNET family of networking solutions.  The ChristieNET WAVE-DVD is a high-performance Wireless Audio Video System compatible with virtually any PC or component/S-Video source, display and operating system, including DVD content.  Its powerful wireless solution eliminates wires for increased connectivity options and a wider range of installation.

The ChristieNET WAVE-DVD transmits and receives signals, and broadcasts computer video signals at VGA to WXGA resolution.  It also transmits and receives video signals at 480i HD resolution for high-impact, full-motion video.  Using a unique and highly effective compression solution, the ChristieNET WAVE-DVD can operate at ranges of up to 500 feet (152m), with wireless video at 30 frames per second.  It is ideal for digital signage, as well as for use in auditoriums, conference rooms, classrooms, and houses of worship.

Featuring an easy-to-use menu system, the ChristieNET WAVE-DVD easily matches the source and the display with perfect audio and video settings.  Plug and Play capability allows for simple set-up and adjustment, and requires no drivers, software or upgrades.  Other key features include auto input/output detection, built-in signal strength monitoring, multipoint and point-to-point transmission.  ChristieNET WAVE-DVD is also secure and standards-based, and supports multiple receivers for broadcast mode.  The wireless transceivers pass through RS-232, allowing for remote monitoring of display devices via the ChristieNET CCM and ChristieNET Network Management Software. 

“The ChristieNET WAVE-DVD dramatically increases connectivity options, while reducing the cost of installations,” says Max Kopsho, Product Manager, Network Solutions.  “It is the perfect wireless solution for computer or video based presentations, especially in challenging environments that require flexibility due to architectural constraints, where wired set-ups can be inconvenient or problematic.”

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