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New ChristieNET™ Wireless Presentation Portal™ Offers Complete Freedom And Security

ChristieNET Wireless Solution a Must in Venues with Multiple Presenters

NSCA/Las Vegas, NV - (March 19, 2004) - Christie, providers of the Pro AV industry’s most widely used networking solutions, introduces the ChristieNET Wireless Presentation Portal (WPP) - a cable-free, easy to use solution that quickly adapts to existing wireless networked-enabled environments where there are numerous presenters. The ChristieNET Wireless Presentation Portal is ready to use out of the box and provides a fast and secure connection for worry-free data sharing on just about any type of display. The addition of the Wireless Presentation Portal to the ChristieNET family of products not only provides the power of control that made ChristieNET the preferred choice in Pro AV, but it now offers the freedom of wireless presentation.

The Wireless Presentation Portal is also a wireless hub designed to allow single or multiple computers to offer data without having to physically connect and disconnect from the projector or display device. It includes a wireless to HD15 VGA adapter along with a simple to install software utility package. The Wireless Presentation Portal is an 802.11g compliant product designed specifically for wired projectors/monitors. It connects to the existing VGA connector of the display device and offers an 802.11g bridge for compatibility with wireless “G” and “B” network/clients.

In addition, the high-speed, direct-access to the video buffer offers the fastest real-time response on the market today. The fact that the Wireless Presentation Portal provides high performance data sharing with an outstanding image at XGA resolution makes it perfect for today’s tough market demands for high performance at a reasonable price.

A unique feature, the Adhoc mode, enables the system to work without having to join a network. Using the embedded web page, presenters can easily change passwords or security settings by simply going to the IP address of the Wireless Presentation Portal via a standard web browser.

A secure and industry-approved system, the Wireless Presentation Portal Adapter offers 64/128 bit WEP encryption as specified by the 802.11g standard. The Automatic Clear Channel Selection avoids interference from other devices. The WPP also includes additional features such as Custom Standby Static Image to allow for the display of information such as meeting agenda or a custom logo.

About Christie

Christie is a leader in visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry used by world-class organizations for diverse applications. Christie’s broad range of display technologies include LCD and DLP™ projectors, networking solutions, digital cinema projectors, 35mm film projectors, rear screen projection modules and cubes, wall display controllers, and cutting edge projection technologies for 3D, virtual reality and simulation. Christie’s wide array of networking solutions enable the monitoring and control of display devices from anywhere in the world. With expertise in professional projection systems since 1979 and film projection dating back to 1929, Christie has over 50,000 projectors installed in over 50 countries around the world. For information, visit