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New Developments In Christie’s 24/7 Control Room Display Solutions

Las Vegas/INFOCOMM 2008 – (June 18, 2008) – Christie announces exciting new developments in the company’s line of 24/7 control room display systems.  At this year’s InfoComm exhibition, Christie is unveiling for the first time new dual lamp 3-chip DLP® high performance rear screen projectors – the Christie DLV1400-DL and Christie DLV1920-DL.  In addition, the company has expanded the 1-chip DLP series of RPMX and RPMSP rear screen projectors to include brighter 132W versions – the Christie RPMX-D132U and Christie RPMSP-D132U.

Alongside these latest models, Christie is also introducing new shallow depth 50” and 67” cubes and pedestals, new display screens including cross-prism technology, new DVI and HD expansion options for the Christie TVC-1210 display wall controller, and an expanded set of lenses including an ultra-low distortion 1.2:1 tiling lens exclusive to Christie.   Jim Gavloski, director of product management for control room & videowall solutions at Christie comments, “Our customers now have the broadest range of value-add solutions to incorporate into their own customized display system designs, or when upgrading existing wall structures.”

The new Christie DLV1400-DL and Christie DLV1920-DL 3-chip DLP models feature SXGA+ and native HD resolution respectively for high brightness, large screen displays.    Featuring two, 200W high pressure lamps at 3,000 hours operation (eco mode), the projectors run on a single lamp and automatically switch to the spare lamp when degeneration of brightness or failure is detected.   Regular service such as lamp replacement can be done while the projector is on and running, for failsafe operation.  The long life and lower cost lamps offer improved cost of ownership over Christie’s premium Xenon-based 3-chip DLP rear screen engines, adding more choice and flexibility for customers. 

Gavloski adds, “In recent years, dual lamp systems have become a standard requirement for most control room display systems.  We’re pleased to now offer this unique dual lamp option in our high performance 3-chip DLP projector series.  In the 1-chip category, our new Christie RPMX-D132U and Christie RPMSP-D132U feature a 20% improvement in brightness over our current 120W models, while still maintaining 10,000 hours lamp life.  They also feature expanded automatic color and brightness management features which enable continuous color monitoring and correction, and brightness control to maintain uniformity across the entire display wall.”

Christie’s single-chip DLP dual lamp rear screen projectors come with the widest range of tiling lenses in the industry to match any display wall requirement.   “This value-add offering has translated to huge cost savings for our customers looking to upgrade with the latest high quality projection systems while leaving their wall structure intact,” says Gavloski.

For installations where space is a premium, Christie has new shallow cubes and pedestals.  The 50” cube is now only 23” deep and the 67” only 30” deep.  As a further improvement, the new cubes have a mirror-mount design which provides greater flexibility and ease to perform fine mirror adjustments.  Along with the new shallow-depth cubes comes a new set of optical screen choices with cross-prism and beaded technology designed to identically match the focal characteristics of the RPMX and RPMSP 1-chip DLP series. 

Additionally, the Christie TVC-1210 display wall controller is now available with new DVI and HD expansion options.  The new DVI/RGB input module accepts both analog and digital inputs for display anywhere on the wall.   The new card, combined with the latest version of software allows up to 64 DVI or RGB inputs for simultaneous display.   Multiple HD video input modules may be installed to allow up to 8 HD or 16 SD videos per screen.
Stop by Christie’s InfoComm booth # N5427, June 18 – 20, 2008 to meet Jim Gavloski and see our latest control room offerings.
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