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Star Trek Borg Invasion 4D A Breakthrough In Interactive Entertainment

Paramount Parks Charts New Territory for the Future of Digital Entertainment with BORG Invasion 4D, Using Christie 2K-Resolution Digital Cinema Projectors

LAS VEGAS, NV – (February 2, 2004) – When Paramount Parks opens its latest attraction BORG Invasion 4D on March 18, 2004, guests will be amazed by the multiple state-of-the-art technologies and special effects that immerse visitors into the power of Star Trek, a worldwide phenomenon that has spanned nearly four decades.

BORG Invasion 4D is one of the most advanced entertainment attractions in the world and boasts a long list of “firsts”. BORG Invasion 4D is:
• The first Star Trek production that has ever been shot digitally
• The first all-digital motion picture to incorporate live action and animation within a 3D cinema environment
• The first multiple-angle 3D cinema production with 3D effects from the front, overhead and both right and left sides of the participant
• The first time a steady cam has ever been used in a 3D production, allowing the director to achieve shots from the “point of view” of the guest, placing viewer in a “you are there” environment
• The first world-wide attraction to use 2K digital cinema projection, which produces a clearer resolution than any other digital cinema projection system in the world

In addition to its innovative digital technologies, BORG Invasion 4D will incorporate revolutionary live special effects to enhance the overall guest experience. 

“Our technology partners have helped produce one of the most exciting and innovative attractions in the world that uses physical effects to fully immerse the guest in the entertainment experience,” says Alexander Weber, Jr., CEO of Paramount Parks. “BORG Invasion 4D participants will experience an unprecedented marriage of technology and entertainment as the BORG attempt to assimilate each guest using sight, sound and touch.”

A First In Digital Cinema
Threshold Digital Research Labs produced the 3D digital motion picture for BORG Invasion 4D. BORG Invasion 4D is the first all-digital production that incorporates live action and animation, as well as the first multiple-angle immersive 3D attraction ever. Multiple-angle means there will be 3-D effects from the front, overhead and both right and left sides of the participant; creating a darker and edgier environment. The film is digital from inception to release. 

The live action material needed to produce the film was acquired digitally on five sets and three large blue screens on two stages.  The largest of the sets was the biggest BORG set ever built at over 15,000 square feet.  The 3D motion picture featured in BORG Invasion 4D stars Robert Picardo (The Doctor), Alice Krige (BORG Queen) and Kate Mulgrew (Admiral Janeway). Additionally, a live-action steady cam stereo shot with real-time 3D onscreen playback was used  for the first time in a 3D production. A steadycam is a specific camera rig that allows the director to achieve Point of View perspectives not possible with other rigs, placing the viewer in a "you are there" environment.

A First In Digital Cinema Projection
Christie Digital System, Inc. provided two matched Christie CP2000 high performance digital cinema projection systems, the first time 2K-resolution DLP Cinema™ technology has been used in an attraction. The system used for BI4D produces a clearer resolution than any other digital projection system in the world.

Designed for cinematic quality, large screen exhibition, the Christie CP2000 is Christie’s latest digital cinema projection solution. It features LampLOC for automatic lamp alignment and LiteLOC both of which ensure constant image brightness and 2048x1080p HD resolution.  Christie’s proprietary high efficiency optics (Illumination Optics System) has a contrast ratio of greater than 1700:1 (full field), and a 15-bit per RGB color processing for 15 trillion colors displayed. The Christie CP2000 digital cinema projectors are ideal for large screen presentations because they visually “transport” visitors with authentically created vivid illusions. The projectors use Texas Instruments’ 2K-resolution DLP Cinema™ technology.

All-Immersive Tactile Experience
Technifex, Inc. designed and produced the digitally controlled 4D sensory seats, motion platform and other sensory special effects, which create the fourth dimension and amplifies the guests’ senses of sound and touch in addition to what they are seeing on screen. Through the use of various technologies and techniques, participants will be able to experience the feeling of being “assimilated” into the BORG Collective.  In addition to 23,000 watts of 12 channel sound, each state-of-the-art theater seat has 10 effect features all choreographed with the 3D film with probes that poke the guest’s backs as the action peaks in coordination with timed air blasts, surround sound audio rumbles, and a motion platform floor, creating the fourth dimension and amplifying what the guests are seeing on screen.

BORG Invasion 4D
Set to open March 18, 2004, BORG Invasion 4D will combine live actors and phenomenal special effects to create an excitingly realistic Star Trek experience.  As visitors tour a futuristic research facility, the terrifying drones of the BORG Collective attempt to capture and assimilate  guests using 24th century cybernetic technology. 3D and 4D will merge in a chilling realization of state-of-the-art technology to provide an all-immersive tactile experience for visitors to the attraction.

BORG Invasion 4D is the multi-million dollar addition to STAR TREK: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton.

About STAR TREK: The Experience

STAR TREK: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton is a $70 million, 65,000-square foot attraction featuring several different components.  The original attraction is a 22-minute entertainment experience complete with live interaction and a motion base simulator ride.  The History of the Future Museum highlights the Star Trek television series and films and includes actual props, weaponry, spacecraft and various award-winning masks and costumes used in filming.  Deep Space Nine is a promenade featuring Quark’s Bar & Restaurant and the Promenade shops (housing the world’s largest collection of Star Trek memorabilia and collectibles).

About Christie

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