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We have a winner!! Congratulations to the University of Alaska Theater Department for sharing their collaboration story and entering our promotion. As the prize winner, the department will receive a Christie Brio Team+. Find out how Christie Brio presentation and collaboration solutions facilitate knowledge-sharing and inspire teams to take action in higher education. Share the future.

Collaboration is the act of sharing knowledge and ideas – discussing how to tackle a problem or formulate a plan and develop solutions that incorporate thinking from a group of contributors. This shaping process requires an openness and ability to communicate, along with a receptiveness and ability to entertain multiple ideas before sifting through possibilities and molding the end result. The process is often dynamic rather than linear, involving multimedia content – video streaming, video conferencing, audio, illustrations, written content etc. – which means that new tools and approaches are necessary to support the variety of content and to connect people in real-time beyond the four walls of a classroom, lab or meeting space.

Tell us your team’s collaboration story

We want to hear what makes your collaborative efforts so successful – whether it’s simple techniques, subtle approaches, or formal processes and practices. We can all benefit from hearing what helps you and your colleagues share and do more together.

How and where to share

On Facebook and Twitter, take a quick moment to tell us how you collaborate within study or research groups, or with your colleagues. Include #BrioShareMore with your FB post or Tweet and complete the promotion registration form on this page to make sure your entry is counted on or before April 30, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. We will hold a random draw to select a winner who will receive a Christie® Brio Team+ on behalf of their school.

Ideas for sharing

To give you some ideas of what you can share, here are some questions to get you started. Post an answer to one of these questions, or simply share what your team does to ensure you all work effectively as a group to deliver results:

  1. Where do you start when you’re tackling a new project as a group?
  2. Do you have guidelines that your team follows when working as a group?
  3. What tools do you find most useful when you’re brainstorming solutions?
  4. How do you include group members from other locations?
  5. How do you filter ideas and decide which ones to implement?


If you have questions, or if you’d like to speak to a Christie sales representative, please contact us.

Read the "How do you share?" promotion rules and terms.

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