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Spend less time worrying about technical details and more time building knowledge

Christie Brio

Christie® Brio solutions are designed to address common collaboration technology challenges and offer a simple way for participants to present, share and interact with each other – within the same room or across multiple locations, in real-time.

When academic and business teams are focused on the content rather than the technology, more energy can be put into clearly and confidently exchanging information and ideas. Drawing out new ways of thinking, learning as a group, establishing direction and decision-making become less time-consuming processes so individuals get more value out of the time spent studying and working as a group.

Share in the benefits

  • Supporting BYOD collaboration sessions: When it comes to developing and tapping into intellectual capital for research and business development, a secure information-sharing platform is critical to the process, while balancing flexibility in an individual’s device choice. With Christie Brio solutions, you can set up an infrastructure that allows people to use the devices they prefer in a collaboration session.

  • Automatic content layouts: Effortlessly display content using Christie Brio. Simply connect to a Christie Brio unit and your content will be automatically placed and scaled on the classroom or meeting room screen or panel, maintaining your content’s aspect ratio and resolution.

  • Simple session management: Reduce time spent on logistics and get your collaborative session started quickly. Christie Brio solutions offer a user interface that lets you rearrange source layouts, control audio, initiate whiteboard and annotation, enable remote collaboration and more advanced functions.

  • Improve the audio experience: Christie Brio solutions connect to a room’s sound system, allowing participants to focus on sharing and discussing content as opposed to straining to hear audio from computer or device speakers.

  • Whiteboard and annotation: If you’re looking for the most interactive collaboration experience, Christie Brio solutions turn touch panels into shared whiteboard and annotation tools. Participants can add to or edit content, images and video in real-time using various writing and drawing tools. Map a new solution and highlight action points on the fly as ideas come together, then save the end result for later review or reference
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