The Power of Digital Cinema for Small Screen Applications

Physically smaller than the DCP-H, but equally powerful, the DCP-I is designed for screens up to 40ft-wide (12m) - as found in some of the world's foremost postproduction houses.

Christie DCP-I Digital Cinema Projector

Part Number: 38-DCP004-XX


Physically smaller than the DCP-H, but equally powerful, the DCP-I is designed for screens up to 40ft-wide (12m) - as found in some of the world's foremost post-production houses. A robust solution, the DCP-I facilitates both original content creation and postproduction by offering creators a glimpse of the big picture before production is complete - a notable advancement in moviemaking history. Features advanced security encryption technology (CineLink™), superior image management software (CineCanvas™), accurate colour reproduction functionality (CinePalette™) and contrast management (CineBlack™).


  • Advanced Ethernet Touch Sceen Control Panel with comprehensive setup and diagnostic capabilities
  • New colour management system guarantees consistent image quality and colour accuracy
  • Better than relase print quality
  • High native contrast ratio. 1350:1
  • A proven, reliable cinema lamphouse and pedestal design
    Connectivity to the majority of theatre automation systems (TAS)
  • Supports new file format inter-operability with existing servers
  • A complete range of zoom lenses for a wide range of cinema applications
  • Optional Cine-lPM accommodates the input of non-cinema content analog/graphic or HDTV sources
  • Lamphouse and pedestal provide for angle and leveling adjustments


  • Cinema/exhibition
  • Post-production houses
  • On-screen advertising
  • Multimedia theatrical productions
  • Other large entertainment venues
Cinema Head
  • Light Output Meets SMPTE standard 12fL (film 16fL open gate) for screens 16m (up to 50ft width)
  • Contrast (sequential) 1350:1 (full white/full black)
  • Brightness uniformity within 90% displaying full white screen
  • ANSI 460:1
  • Pixels 1280 x 1024 per Red, Green and Blue channels; equivalent to 3.9 million pixels
  • Digital Micromirror Device S-XGA DLP Cinema (Black Chip) DMD light Engine
  • Cooling: 3 chip liquid cooling system and heat exchanger
  • Color Processing Bit Depth 45 bit (3X 15-bit resolution)
  • Number of colors: 35 trillion
Digital Video Input (Cinema Head)
  • SMPTE 274M 1920 x 1080i in 60Hz interlaced, 24P or 24 SF
  • SMPTE 260M 1920 x 1035i in 60Hz interlaced
  • SMPTE 296M 1280 x 720p in 60Hz progressive
  • Graphics port (DVI) Digital Video Interface
  • Zoom lenses variable focal length, either 2.0-3.2 or 3.2-5.6 throw ratio
  • Anamorphic Lenses 1.5x squeeze, 1.9x squeeze attached with twin lens adapter
  • Weight Digital head and anamorphic lens holder (without lenses) 100 lbs (39.7 kg)
  • MPTE 292M (all interfaced sources are encoded with 3:2 pulldown)
Lamphouse Model SLH-D
  • Reflector: standard f1.5 electroformed nickel
  • Power Range 1.6-3kW operation
  • Xenon Lamp type CXL-1.6kW, CXL 2.0kW and CXL 30kW. (depending on screen size)
  • External extraction required 1.6kW=250-350CFM, 2.0kW=300-400CFM, 3.0kW=350-450CFM
  • Input AC power 115V AC, 3A
  • Input DC power 26-37V DC, 90-180A
  • No interlocks on doors, blowers only
  • Indicators three phase power, interlock OK, DC current, DC voltage
  • Douser: closed switch N.O. single contact tilt switch for power supply switching to standby
  • Manual controls DC on, igniter strike, hand douser open/close
  • Lamp adjust motorized three axis, 0.5" range all axis
  • Ignitor is IGA-10, 30-50kV, 110A
  • Input connector 10 position clamping screw terminal, 20A @ 115V AC rated , 10AWG max wire gauge
  • Lamphouse weight 175lbs (80kg)
  • Cooling: forced air
Pedestal Specifications
  • 4kW Thyristor KCX-180CR Three phase input 180v/240v, 32A or 380v/440v, 16A
  • Output current: 70-140A
  • Output voltage: 32-44V DC
  • Standby mode range: 20-140A
  • Power supply weight: 200lbs (91kg)
  • Ambient temp. 0-40°C
  • Breakers 30A (<4kW) or 40A (4-7kW) three phase for power supply. 15A single phase for other breakers
  • Pedestal weight: 197lbs (90kg) W/O power supply
  • Input connector 5 position clamping screw terminal (L1, L2, L3, N, G), 55A @ 115V AC rated, 6AWG max wire gauge
  • Downward tilt 6 degree internal, additional with leveling feet
  • Other: 4° casters, leveling feet, blanking panel is for sides and rear, locking hinged access door, internal or external mounting of water circulator
  • Internal rack space 4RU from operator side, 4RU from rear
DCP - Touch Screen Controller
  • Display 5.7" QVGA Touch Screen Panel
  • Width 195mm (7.7") / Height 148mm (5.8") / Depth 40mm (1.6")
  • Weight: 0.8kg (1.57 lbs)
  • I/O 1 ethernet port (10 base-T)
  • Power input 24VDC, 2.2A maximal
  • EMI FCC Class B certified
  • CE certified
  • BSMI certified
System Level Specifications
  • DCP-I: Ambient system operating temperature: 10-40°
  • Overall system dimensions: 24.5" W x 62" L x 60.9" H
  • 62.2cm W x 157.5cm L x 154.7cm H
  • CSA C22.2950 (M94) apprvoed to UL 1950 by NRTL (Semko) EN60950
  • EMC: FCC Part 15 Class A Conducted readiated emmissions
  • CISPR 22 Class A Conducted Radiated Emissions
  • EMC Immunity: EN55024

Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.