Versatile, Revolutionary and Economical!

From the leading manufacturer of high-performance stereo DLP projectors, the Mirage 4000 is the next generation of stereoscopic digital projectors to revolutionize the virtual reality and simulation market.

Mirage 4000 3-chip DLP® projector

Part Number: 38-DMD023-XX


From the leading manufacturer of high-performance stereo DLP projectors, the Mirage 4000 is the next generation of stereoscopic digital projectors to revolutionize the virtual reality and simulation market. Based on high resolution SXGA 3-chip DLP™ technology, the Mirage 4000 offers new levels of brightness and image clarity not previously available.

At the heart of the Mirage 4000 are Christie-designed electronics that provide high bandwidth, frame rates, pixel and clock speeds resulting in the most advanced digital signal processing for all types of stereo images. This design employs dark interval adjustments (DIA™) control that enhances the overall stereo effect by fine-tuning the critical time between left and right fields. It also features primary color adjustment control (PCA™) - ensuring true colour representation of all source images.


  • Single Projector Active Stereoscopic Solution
  • 3-Chip DMD Optical System featuring new Dark Metal DMDs
  • 4000 ANSI Lumens
  • SXGA resolution
  • PCA™ (Primary Color Adjustment)
  • SLIC™ (spatial light imaging construction)
  • 3D Stereo Module
  • LiteLOC™ Contrast brightness tracking
  • DIA™(Dark Interval Adjustment)


  • Immersive Environments
  • Virtual Reality
  • 3D Computer-aided Design
  • Vis Sim
  • Simulation
  • Over 4000 ANSI lumens
  • Over 90% brightness uniformity
Contrast Ratio
  • 300:1 ANSI; 800:1 Full Field
  • True SXGA 1280 x 1024 chip resolution 16.7 million displayable colors
  • Christie's 3-DMD Optical System (SLIC™) featuring new Dark Metal DMDs for improved black level and contrast ratio
Horizontal Frequency
  • 15kHz to 120kHz
Vertical Frequency
  • 24 Hz to 108 Hz
Dot Clock
  • 160 MHz
Field Interchangeable Optional Lenses
  • 1.2:1 Fixed Short Throw
  • Zoom lenses: 1.5-2.2:1, 2.2-4:1 and 4-7:1
  • Fixed lens mount with horizontal and vertical lens offset, focus and zoom adjustment
  • Screen size 72" to 480" diagonal image size (lens dependent)
  • Compatible with VistaGRAPHX 0.8:1, 2.5-4:1, 4-7:1 with adapter
  • Built-in light shutter
  • Lens mount tilt adjustment
  • Up to 130% of vertical lens offset
  • Up to 80% of horizontal lens offset
Dynamic Scaling
  • Resizing processing for computers and workstations up to 1600 x 1200 resolution
  • Independent horizontal and vertical image size adjustment for graphics and video
  • Input 1: Analog RGB 5 BNC for RGBHV, YprPb, YcbCr and YUV
  • Input 2: Optional plug-in input modules
  • Separate, composite sync and sync-on-green compatible
  • HDTV Tri level sync compatible for all HDTV formats
Stereoscopic Source Compatibility
  • Active stereo SXGA with vertical refresh rates up to 108Hz with one field delay, without frame dropping
  • In 3D mode, horizontal frequency: 111kHz maximum
  • Note: in 3D mode, inputs must be in RGB or Digital Flat Panel (Optional module)
Enhanced Feature Set
  • Constant brightness tracking (LiteLOC™)
  • Variable lamp power from 350W to 500W
  • Intuitive on-screen display
  • Service functions can be password protected
  • Multiple language support
  • 100 channel memories
  • Built-in Stereo 3D® interface module
  • Primary Color Adjustment (PCA™)
  • Dark Interval Adjustment (DIA™)
  • Auto set-up feature
  • Auto power-up
  • RS232 and RS422 communication port
  • IR Remote keypad
  • Front IR receiver
  • Optional 2-way controller RS422
  • Built-in backlit keypad
Lamp Specification
  • 500W CERMAX Xenon® Lamp
  • Color Temperature range 3200K to 9300K
  • Over 1000 hours of lamp life
  • User replaceable lamp system
  • Pre-aligned lamp module
Power Requirements
  • Voltage range: (auto-switching) AC 100-220V +/- 10%
  • Line frequency: 50 - 60 Hz nominal
  • Power consumption: 900 W maximum
  • In rush current rating: 50A maximum
  • Current rating: 9 Amps maximum at 100VAC
  • Thermal dissipation: 3070 BTU/hr
  • Operating Temperature: 5 - 35° C
  • Operating Humidity: 20 - 85% non-condensing
Weight & Size
  • 88 lbs (39.9 kg)
  • 24.48" W x 30.19" L x 11.88" H
  • 64.8cm W x 76.7cm L x 30.2cm H
Optional Accessories
  • Wired Two-Way remote controller (RS422)
  • Remote IR sensor
  • Replacement lamp module
  • Multi-standard video decoder (NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, PAL 60, PAL M, PAL N, SECAM)
  • DVI/DFP module
  • Digital HDTV module (SMPTE 292)
  • Compatible with selected 3rd party switchers Service manual
  • Librarian communication software
  • Arbitrary Gamma Table Software
  • Wired remote backlit keypad
  • Motorized lens mount upgrade
  • Serial Digital Input (SMPTE 259M/ CCIR 601)
  • 10-bit ADP (Advanced Digital Processing) based in non-stereo mode
  • Transit case
Regulatory Approvals
  • Safety: CSA C22.2 No. 950, UL 1950, EN609050
  • European Norm "Safety of Information Technology Equipment"
  • Complies with all worldwide EMC and safety standards
  • The product complies with FCC class A and EN55022 Class A requirements
  • This product conforms to all relevant European directives, standards, safety, health and environmental concerns and bares the CE marketing
  • Product warranty: 15 months parts and labor (excluding lamp)
  • Accessories: one year
Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.