Digital Cinema Image Processing Module

The Cine-IPM is the preferred choice for post-production and cinema the world over.

Christie Cine-IPM

Part Number: 38-813001-XX


The Cine-IPM is the preferred choice for post-production and cinema the world over.

The Cine-IPM is a comprehensive image processor that converts analog or digital signals when used with Christie's newest line of digital cinema projectors. The Cine-IPM takes control of Digital Cinema quality and displays any standard of content regardless of source. The Cine-IPM accurately displays noncinema or "alternative content" such as broadcast television, satellite, business presentations and HDTV sources.

The Cine-IPM can be configured quickly and easily for use with the Christie DCP-H or DCP-I digital cinema projectors. Additional input modules are compatible with virtually any digital or analog source.

Christie's Cine-IPM offers image scaling, image processing and reformatting capabilities of both standard and HD sources. The Cine-IPM offers an enhanced range of software control features: standard remote control via infrared or wired remote, for in-theatre applications or RS422 connection.


  • The preferred image processing solution for film, video post-production and cinema applications
  • Advanced image scaling capabilities for all sources
  • Ideal for displaying alternative content
  • Suitable for satellite television rebroadcase, corporate presentations
  • Full programmable IR Remote Control
  • Illuminated LCD status display
  • Supports 50 and 60 Hz graphics mode standards with
  • Christie's DCP-H and DCP-I projectors
  • Optionial input modules for HD-SDI and SDI (525/625)
  • Seamless interfacing and connectivity with Christie's DCP-H and DCP-I touch screen controller


  • Cinema/exhibition
  • Post-production houses
  • On-screen advertising
  • Multi-media theatrical productions
  • Other large entertainment venues
Video Inputs
  • Standard - 1 (one) RGB input - 5 BNC w separate H & V sync, composite sync or sync-on-green, also accepts analog YPbPr, sync-on-Y or comp sync,bi-level or tri-level 1 (one) analog composite-video.
  • Standard -1 (one) digital Video Decoder module , accepts 1 (one) composite-video source and 1 (one) S-video with switchable termination, accepts NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL, PAL M, PAL N, SECAM
  • 1 (one) option module slot. This slot accepts a range of analog and digital input modules for serial digital component video (SDI), serial digital high-definition (HD-SDI), and digital computer signals via (DFP) Digital Flat Panel or (DVI) Digital Video Interface standards.
Video Output
  • DVI: (1) Digital Video Interface: standard output at 1280 x 1024, 50/60 Hz
Communication Interface Connections
  • In/Out: 3 x D9 RS232 connectors
  • 6-pin XLR RS422 connection
Front Panel LCD
  • Displays active source and format display: Four line LCD display of 40 characters concurrent display of input source type
Special Features
  • Spatial dithering of graphic resource: including HD
Power Supply
  • Built-in power supply 100VAC-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
  • 200W
  • 6.98" H x 13.67" D x 17.25" W
  • 177.3mm H x 347.2mm D x 438.2mm W
Supplied Accessory
  • Cine-IPM IR or wired remote
Optional Accessories
  • 38-804611-01 - HD/SDI Input Module for Cine-IPM
  • 38-804602-01 - SDI Input Module for Cine-IPM
  • 38-804614-01 - DFP/DVI Input Module for Cine-IPM

Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.