250W UHP Lamp


This replacement 250W UHP (Ultra High Performance) is a metal halide lamp manufactured by Philips, provided to you by Christie.  

This lamp is user replaceable (following Christie’s lamp replacement procedures) and can last up to 4000 hours (in eco-mode).    

The benefits of using a UHP in this Christie projector is that is allows for a smaller and lighter projector, because the power supply is smaller and lighter; a cooler running, quieter, and less expensive-to-operate projector because of the lower wattage; and a longer lamp life, because the stresses on the lamp (wattage, temperature change) are reduced.


  • 250W UHP lamp
  • User replaceable lamp
  • 4000 hours lamp life (in eco-mode)

Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.

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