5BNC/S-Video Module


5 BNC and S-Video Option Board. Option Board provides a multi format option for R,G,BH/V,V and S-Video standard connector. 

 Accessories LX1500 Part Number: 103-013100-01 LX1500 Part Number: 103-013100-02
5BNC/S-Video Module  103-114107-XX  103-133108-02


Terminal and Input Signal BNC port: R,G,B,H/V,V(VGA-UXGA); CV,Y.Cb/Pb.Cr/Pr; G on Sync
  S-Video port: S-Video
Dimensions 187mm (W) x 30mm (H) x 110mm (D) (7.4”x1.2”x4.3”)
Weight 0.18kg/0.5 lbs.
Control Number 09 or higher
Package Contains

DVI/HD15 VGA module Product


Installation manual (one page)


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