Terra SDVoE input card


Terra SDVoE input card

​​​​Accessory Overview

​​The Terra SDVoE input card offers customers more efficient AV integration and connectivity solutions for Christie 3DLP projectors with TruLife Electronics. Projectors that use the Terra SDVoE input card connect directly to a Christie Terra SDVoE system over 10G Ethernet accessing video, audio and control. TCP/IP control can pass through to the projector.​

Accessory Specifications

  • ​Connect directly to complete end-to-end switching and distribution over 10G Ethernet
  • Reduces requirements for dedicated extender devices, AV control devices and power at the projector
  • Streamlined installation - input card uses zero physical space outside the projector
  • Reduces number of devices and failure points used in a system
  • Low power, card is served directly by projector
  • Control pass through directly to the projector over 10G Ethernet connection
  • Digital audio signal available from BNC connector
  • Eliminate the need for a dedicated power receptacle for local AV equipment, and associated conduits

Images and Diagrams

Terra Extender Diagram

Terra Extender diagram

Terra Multiview Diagram

The Terra SDVoE system offers signal distribution and switching over 10G Ethernet including source scaling as well as system solution features such as viewing of sources from a Terra receiver configured for multi-view confidence monitoring​.​​

Terra multiview diagram 

Terra SDVoE input card with SFP+ transceiver installed​
Christie Terra SDVoE input card front view

A sample of Christie 3DLP projector with Terra SDVoE input card and Terra transmitter connected.​​

Terra SDVoE input card with Christie D4K40-RGB pure laser projector

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