Out of Home Advertising

What’s your vision? Where do you see your message? If it’s in lights – bright lights – in the most highly visible spaces, Christie MicroTiles are your choice for display technology. This revolutionary new digital canvas gives you the power to display your images just the way you imagined them, where you imagine them.
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Design and Architecture

Display options that blend seamlessly into your architectural design so people focus on the message and not the technology behind it

When you’ve labored over blueprints and dreamt of the perfect design for your building, why compromise on the final product? Christie® display, processing and collaboration products are used the world over to create impressive visual experiences. With our reputation for reliable, cost-effective and brilliant images, no one else can deliver like Christie. Using Christie displays and processors as part of your design allows you to seamlessly integrate visuals into any space.

Design and architecture products that fit your needs

Visualize your architectural designs and save time and money

Christie advanced visualization sol​utions​ create environments where architecture teams can work or learn collaboratively and later review their own work for greater understanding. Christie's high-resolution 3D visualization solutions are used to visualize and model architectural designs before any ground is broken, reducing risk and costs while improving the design cycle.