Classroom projectors

DAU is a best-in-class corporate university for the Defense Acquisition Workforce. The university provides formal courses and continuous learning modules for acquisition professionals. They enhance the learning process by providing instructors a means to illustrate and support their lessons visually, which might not be possible with other, more traditional presentation methods.
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Education and Training

High brightness, easy to use and low cost of ownership give you choice to select the right classroom projector for your education and training environments.

​​​​​Digital video, data and collaboration have influenced the evolution of the modern classroom and what is required for projection technology. Staff at education and training facilities of all sizes, all over the world, are turning to projection, digital display and collaboration solutions to inspire students while enhancing the learning process.

You might be wondering… what types of projectors and displays are available? What size of a display is right for my classroom, lab, lecture hall or training facility? What should I consider when choosing a display if I'm using it for data and video, or for applications of different sizes and complexity, including 3D/visualization training applications?

Christie provides projectors and integrated visual display solutions for:

Broad range of digital projectors and display solutions

Select from the broadest range of education and training projectors, as well as integrated display systems, with affordable, bright choices to meet your budget and requirements. Backed by industry-leading warranties and service, your technology investment is guaranteed to perform reliably and deliver unparalleled value. Christie® solutions for education and training include:

Christie solutions offer high-performance and high-value features:​​



3LCD, 1DLP and 3DLP Comparison Chart