Eiffel Tower

To celebrate in style, the world's most famous "Iron Lady" was treated to a show that was nothing less than breathtaking, with pyrotechnics, an oversize video projection, and a novel soundtrack and graphical illustration masterminded by select partners.
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Live Events

When planning and executing a live event, there are many variables to consider to ensure the performance happens flawlessly, every time.

​An event can be as simple as a small, temporary display in a local museum or as detailed and high profile as an awards program on television, a concert or a sporting event. Regardless of the size of venue, there will be AV, lighting and other equipment, as well as the performers, audience and physical environment to factor in – with no room for error. The show must go on.

Live event applications:

Today’s A/V is not like yesterday’s A/V. Today's display solutions are brighter than ever, easier to install, and less expensive to maintain. You might be wondering… what types of projectors and displays are available? What size of a display is right for a local theater,  booth, concert hall, or outdoor stadium? What should I consider when choosing a display, if I'm using it for data and video, or for applications of different sizes and complexity? Will the projector withstand a harsh staging environment?

Broadest range of digital projectors and displays

Why should you choose Christie®? You can select from the broadest range of education and live event projectors and integrated projection systems for every application and budget. Christie's product range for rental staging and live events include:

No venue is too large or too small for a Christie projector or display solution. With Christie products you get high performance and feature-rich standards that provide:

All of this guarantees bright, razor-sharp images that captivate audiences anywhere – every time!​​