Giant screen experiences

Empowering the digital future of flat screens, domes and planetariums

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Giant screen experiences have the power to amaze, to inspire and to educate. The larger-than-life images, optimized seating and impactful audio can transport people to every corner of the globe, into the depths of space, or on an adventure to imaginary worlds.

Brighter, more colorful and higher resolution visuals enabled by digital projection deliver a new level of immersive entertainment that attracts new guests and keeps loyal patrons coming back for more.

Maximize your view with Christie

  • Intensify your picture: Enthrall your guests with ultra-realistic, high-resolution 2D and 3D visuals – just as the filmmaker envisioned.
  • Increase your profits: With no revenue sharing commitments and costly service contracts, converting from film to digital results in a much lower cost of operation and a healthier bottom line.
  • Expand your horizons: Choose Christie® and gain the flexibility to determine how and when to use your theater and the freedom to show the content your guests want​.
  • Complete the experience: Match awe-inspiring visuals with truly rich, dynamic, and detailed sound with Christie Vive Audio®.

Go big with RGB laser projection

Capable of brightness levels up to 60,000 lumens, amazing color reproduction and high contrast, Christie RGB laser projection is the ideal choice when you want to go big, bright and colorful! What’s more, you benefit from an ultra-low maintenance, long-life projection system and dramatically reduced consumables.

Flat screens

Make your screen your own with a digital projection system from Christie

  • Combine 4K resolution with the illumination platform and brightness level that best suits your needs and your budget
  • DCI-compliant projectors allow you to expand your programming with Hollywood content for even more choice


Capture your audience’s imagination with spectacular visuals, colors and contrast

  • Our multi-channel solutions provide the highest image quality and uniformity and the best possible fulldome coverage
  • 4K resolution projection, including our award-winning Christie Boxer 4K30 and Christie D4KLH60 projectors, allows you to truly engage your patrons with inspiring immersive experiences
  • Automated alignment tools enable consistent presentation performance, show after show


Explore the depths of space in immaculate detail

Taking the next step

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Giant screen experiences brochure

Discover how Christie solutions are empowering the digital future of giant screen experiences.

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