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​​​​​​Sports fans want to be inspired. They want to witness history, to see heroes rise, dynasties fall and records break. They seek community, rivalry and victory. They want memories they can recount for a lifetime. These are the core reasons energetic fans gather at the hallowed grounds, the revered stadiums and the iconic arenas that house these unforgettable events.

Living-up to the immense expectations of your fans is a challenge, especially in today’s digitally-connected, social and technology-fluent world. Although the game itself is, and always will be, the reason fans attend, there is a growing need for franchises and facilities to enhance the non-game aspects of live sporting events to create truly unique and enriching fan experiences.

Something to cheer about

Christie® display, processing and system management technologies have been permanently installed into several of the world’s preeminent sports venues with outstanding success. Whether your operations comprise a full-featured, multi-purpose professional sports venue, or a college or small-market arena, our solutions can scale to your facility and budget.

Display technologies

Christie display products are second-to-none. We offer a full complement of leading display technologies that have been engineered to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

Processing and show control

This is where the magic happens! Unleash the potential of your creativity and your display technology with our renowned processing and show control products.

  • Christie Spyder gives you fast, flexible, full-frame rate image processing, the ability to blend, window, mix and scale any source format and route the signal to any device or combination of display devices
  • Projection mapping spectaculars and entire shows are made easy with the award-winning Christie Pandoras Box by perfectly uniting state-of-the-art rendering with complete media and show control
  • With Christie Phoenix you can access and control audiovisual data and enable immediate information sharing and collaboration from virtually anywhere for environments like data monitoring, broadcast production and security operations
System manag​ement

Complex, technical and challenging display systems used to need complex, technical and challenging setup and maintenance regimes. Not anymore. With Christie Mystique, we’ve automated many of the painstaking, time-consuming aspects of setting up and maintaining multi-faceted projection systems.

  • Mystique includes advanced camera-based alignment tools, software, hardware and services required to successfully stage, install, align and calibrate complex, multi-projector visual arrays that are used in flat and curved displays or playing surface projection mapping. Check out the Christie Mystique Install Comparison Chart to compare the four Mystique Install editions by feature, supported screen type and more.

Peace of mind

Count on Christie for stable and reliable technology, proven system integration and solutions expertise, commercial warranties and industry-renowned customer care and technical support.


Find out how Christie's wide range of display and processing solutions help create all-star visual experiences.

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