Durham Region

The new Traffic Operations Center consolidates both engineering and operations in one facility housing Durham Regions’ computerized signal control system.
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Control rooms

In mission-critical situations, accurate information is essential for effective communication, collaboration and decision making. At Christie, we’ve spent the last 30 years perfecting video walls that are purpose-built for the demanding requirements of control-room infrastructure environments.

Use Christie® display wall solutions for clear, current and communal information. We help keep 80 million telecommunications customers connected. We help ensure the safe and timely transit of 21,000 daily light rail passengers in Seattle and that 2.25 million customers of Georgia Power have electricity whenever they need it.

24 hours a day, seven days a week

Christie video wall solutions support the 24/7 mission-critical operations of some of the world’s largest organizations. We help them monitor the supply of water, gas and electricity to millions of homes and keep businesses around the world informed of change as it happens.

Providing the visual capability to monitor live events for a new level of public and corporate security, Christie video walls give police and security professionals the display tools needed to identify risky activities and be able to respond swiftly.

Every infrastructure project presents a “mission-critical” requirement:

Whether it's monitoring a power grid, following the traffic flow of commuters or auditing high-security settings, Christie’s control room and video wall solutions are purpose-built to ensure 24/7 dependability. We offer a complete product line including the projector engines, the display structures and the controllers to manage the content on the wall and ensure:

  • Reliable and dependable 24/7 operation
  • Industry-leading service support
  • Low operating cost
  • High-resolution, high quality imaging
  • Virtually seamless display

Purpose-built for the demands of command centers

After 30 years of perfecting video walls for infrastructure applications, we know what it takes to design, manufacture and service control-room systems. We don’t build projection boxes that can fit anywhere. We design and perfect every solution specifically to help each customer monitor their assets so they're ready to react and dispatch as needed.

3D & advanced visualization for government and infrastructure

Using advanced visualization technology, local, regional and national government agencies can see more clearly across their entire enterprise. Government agencies can improve visibility for intelligent decision-making.  3D visualization improves interoperability and serves a broad range of needs:

  • Public safety preparedness
  • Land and road information management
  • Planning and permitting stages of new or existing infrastructure projects 

Christie’s integrated 3D / Visualization solutions provides enhanced visualization that reduces cost of operation, minimizes risk and enhances understanding within governmental  infrastructure applications.

Christie understands the unique needs and requirements in government and infrastructure – performance and cost-of-ownership.  Based on experience from successful installations around the world, Christie has a proven ISO-certified process in place to take you and your project from inception to completion on schedule and on budget with proven technical reliability.

Discover how Christie’s video walls and visualization solutions can assist you to reduce costs of operation, minimize your risk and enhance understanding.