Cost of Ownership

Designed with extraordinarily long life, stability, reliability and continuous brightness and color matching, the Christie Matrix StIM incorporates many technological benefits never before available for an overall reduced sustainment cost.

Christie Matrix StIM Simulation Projector The Christie Matrix StIM simulation projector requires no mechanical shutters or moving parts in the optical path, no prisms to combine multiple image sources and no polarizers to degrade over time. The reliability and stability of the DMD image source has been proven in the field. And the LED illumination source in the Christie Matrix StIM completely eliminates the requirement for regular lamp changes.

With Christie ArrayLOC we employ a network architecture that enables individual projectors to effectively become ‘intelligent display nodes’ in a larger system infrastructure, taking advantage of system alignment data and image content information that is measured and utilized on a real-time basis.

In total, this provides our customers with unprecedented levels of system stability and lower cost of ownership.