SimJET Training Systems

SimJET Training Systems delivers affordable pilot training systems to airlines, training providers and flight schools. Their systems provide real-life, value-based training tools incorporating mark-leading innovation, efficiency and reliability and bridge the gap between entry level procedural trainers and Full Flight Simulators (FSS).
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A new dimension in realism for simulation and NVG training.

Christie is a technology leader in systems innovation – by leveraging the latest tried and tested commercial technologies and integrating them across various application spaces, Christie continues to remove technology barriers and establish new capabilities and new benchmarks for simulation.  The result is a more compact form-factor as compared to current high-end simulation projectors with far less hardware complexity.  We use a modular architecture that features Christie self-maintenance technology for exceptional stability, scalability, and sustainability.

LED-based illumination with InfraRGB™ (RGB + IR)

The Christie Matrix StIM and Christie Matrix StIM WQ simulation projectors are the first to provide independent control over both the visible and infrared image. They are the first intelligent projection systems to enable real-time balancing of color and brightness of all projectors.

The Christie Matrix StIM and Christie Matrix StIM WQ employ our InfraScene™ technology with a 4-band LED illumination source that enables new levels of NVG training fidelity to train and rehearse for night operations and mission with restricted visibility.  In addition to the Red, Green and Blue primaries, InfraScene utilizes a separate infra-red LED to ‘stimulate’ the operational Night Vision Goggles.