HMS Collingwood

Replacing an existing LCD-based display, Christie’s Matrix 3000 DLP® simulation projectors were recently installed at the Maritime Warfare School for use in their HMS Collingwood Ship Bridge Simulator.
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Simulation Applications

In the world of high-performance simulation, the goal is to create an image that is at “eye-limiting resolution” to properly and accurately simulate the real world.

The challenge – no single projector is close to having enough resolution to accomplish this task. The only way to accomplish eye-limiting resolution over a wide field of view is to deploy an array of projectors.

Diverse simulation applications offer a variety of issues and challenges and Christie provides high-performance “real world” visual display solutions for simulation. Factors such as geometry, image blending and warping, resolution, color and brightness uniformity, and latency are key criteria that must be addressed when designing simulation display solutions.

Christie simulation applications

Each simulation environment brings its own set of requirements whether it’s single channel, multi-channel or an ultra-high resolution system. As one of the industry’s original technology providers, Christie has identified these technological problems customers face and developed solutions to resolve and eliminate these issues. Christie understands each project is unique, and has developed a proven approach that puts our customers at the center of the process.

As your partner in simulation, our world-class sales engineers, project managers, design and mechanical engineers and integration experts work together to deliver the most advanced, functional, and intuitive simulation display solutions. Whether you are an integrator looking for a visual display partner, or an end-user with a project that has demanding specifications, Christie delivers application-specific solutions. Once integrated, you can expect consistent, repeatable performance without worry as Christie’s high product reliability enables extensive, consistent use with minimal downtime.

3D Collimation

Collimated, stereoscopic displays can provide significantly improved training, specifical​​ly for training tasks that involve dual-view perspectives, expensive equipment and costly air-time.​