Integrated Simulation Solutions

Customizable, reliable, efficient tools for demanding blended projection arrays.

In today’s world, diverse and highly technical visual solutions are applied to solve some of the key issues and challenges facing global scientific and manufacturing communities. Because each and every application is different, and a “one type fits all” display is not the answer, we developed Christie TrueIMAGE integration solutions – customizable, reliable and efficient tools designed to meet the most demanding requirements of blended projection arrays.

Christie integrated simulation solutions are comprised of leading-edge display technology and world-class system integration expertise. The complex nature of today’s simulation applications offers a variety of display and image challenges. Christie’s integrated display solutions can produce images at any size or shape... front or rear projected ... spherical, cylindrical, conic or flat screen... from small-team scale screens to large scale dome configurations.

Christie TrueIMAGE integration solutions offer:

  • Reduced location resource requirements
  • Increased customer independence in terms of display maintenance
  • More realistic displays
  • Enhanced visual performance of the complete system
  • Optimized displays
  • Christie AutoCal™ – automatic display system calibration

Both the Christie Matrix Series and the Christie Matrix StIM are supported by Christie TrueIMAGE integrated solutions.

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Christie Matrix Series