Army Research Lab

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in Maryland is now testing a unique virtual reality system to project realistic imagery of simulated combat environments. This system makes extensive use of Christie Mirage 6000 DLP™ projectors, which can function either as active or passive stereoscopic displays.
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Maximize simulation system contrast and optimize dark scene applications.

Day or night, dark or light applications, why compromise your display system? Developed using our extensive experience with dynamic content, Christie MotoBlend™ helps maximize the best of both worlds when it comes to life-like images and DLP® based displays and environments – system contrast and optimized dark scene applications.

Christie’s motorized optical blending ensures your dark scene content (such as night time training applications or limited visibility scenarios) is evenly maintained across the entire display, without any residual light distractions or artifacts that can be found in other manufacturer’s digitally projected displays.



If you’re looking for an integrated display system that improves your user experience and is flexible enough to offer zero compromise between your light and dark scene applications… Christie’s got the solution for you.