G9MD’s command center

G9MD’s command center includes a video wall comprised of 64 Christie MicroTiles which broadcasts within a hospital’s network, or live-streamed worldwide using G9MD’s technology and platform.
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Broadcast control rooms

Viewers and advertisers expect a seamless flow of programming from cable and broadcast television networks. Dead air is annoying to the viewer and it’s the ultimate – expensive – sin for broadcasters who have to ensure their advertiser’s investment in airtime is being fulfilled. Networks use video walls in broadcast control rooms to produce programming, monitor and control television broadcasts, and combine numerous feeds – live, real-time content, file footage, images and explanatory graphics. Constant monitoring of all this information and activity requires video wall solutions that are highly reliable and flexible.

Why choose Christie video wall technology

Christie® has the broadest range of video wall display and processing solutions for every budget and broadcast control room application. We can help you choose the solution that’s right for you.

  • Video walls that ensure your operators always have a full view of their broadcast activity
  • Real-time situational awareness with network-distributed video processing technology
  • 24/7 reliability so viewers and advertisers never doubt that you’re “on” 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Low total cost of ownership with high-quality designs that include ease of operation, reduced maintenance, and energy saving features.
  • Peace of mind with Christie’s industry-leading warranties, service and support.

Christie control room video wall and processing technology

Taking the next step

Christie works with a network of dealers and integrators. Contact one of our dealers or contact Christie directly to find out how a Christie solution can meet your master control display needs.