How to budget

A budget for the visual display element of any control room needs to consider the initial purchase price of the technology as well as the ongoing maintenance and operational costs.

Lifecycle costs are a major consideration in the budgeting process. After all, a cheaper video wall display system that needs constant maintenance isn’t a bargain at all. In addition to repair and replacement costs, what’s the price of downtime and disruption to the operators who count on the display wall content to do their jobs?

The video wall's operating life is not simply the length of time it continues to display images. The operating life budget should include an estimate of how long the system will operate without performance degradation. In other words, how long will the video wall perform to the display standards set on installation day.

High product reliability

Video wall reliability is one of the most important considerations in control room video wall design. A video wall is a human-machine interface, so classify the factors you should consider in designing your control room video wall as either human or machine. Christie control room video wall solutions are designed to address those factors.

  • Christie’s Entero LED display cubes have a 60,000 hour mean time between failures (MTBF) and dust-sealed light engines to protect optical components. Christie’s dual-lamp line has quick failure correction with hot-swappable components for functional redundancy.
  • With dust-sealed optics, 60,000 hour MTBF and no consumables to replace, Christie’s LED-illuminated display cubes are virtually maintenance-free. 
  • Our DLP display technology and LED illumination mean Christie’s video wall display solutions have superior long-term performance and reliability.
  • Because there are no consumable components such as lamps, dust filters or color wheels, Christie’s zero-maintenance design has the lowest cost of operation.

 Budgeting for operating and maintenance costs

You need to consider the ongoing costs on maintaining the system. Consult with industry experts, such as authorized Christie dealers, to determine the types of ongoing cost savings that are available from Christie technology. You'll hear about:

  • Lower power consumption,
  • Fewer lamp changes,
  • Less downtime and disruption,
  • Ease of set-up, and 
  • Superior technical support.

All these benefits give you an overall lower cost of ownership, lower sustainment costs, and a greater return on investment.