Cost of operations

Christie control room display solutions offer high system reliability and low cost of operation.

Ownership and lifecycle costs are major considerations when creating a budget for  a control room video wall system. A display wall system that needs constant maintenance can compromise its effectiveness by interrupting operators and increase operation costs because of frequent repairs and replacements.

We’ve designed our systems for reduced operating and maintenance costs

Input from our large network of dealers and integrators, and our vast experience working with customers, have given us a deep understanding of the issues and factors involved in developing low cost-of-operations solutions for 24/7, mission-critical control rooms. Our design features reflect all we’ve learned about creating low cost-of-operations solutions:

  • Zero-maintenance design in our Christie Entero™ LED series
  • Lower power consumption
  • Long-life illumination systems for fewer lamp changes
  • Hot-swappable, dual lamp system with automatic lamp changer
  • Automatic color calibration
  • Extensive, easy-to-use software interface for maximum system control
  • Built-in edge blending for pure seamless tiling
  • Extensive flexibility for setup, control and diagnostic monitoring

All of these design factors provide an overall lower cost of ownership for a greater return on investment.

Entero LED is our zero-maintenance design system

A Christie Entero LED series display wall system uses revolutionary technology, combining DLP® performance with LED illumination. Our game-changing, zero-maintenance design eliminates all consumable components, such as lamps, color wheels and dust filters. This solid-state design means there are no lamps to burn out. There’s no spinning color wheel in the projection engine that could fail and need replacing and no dust filter needs to be cleaned. With no consumable components there’s substantially less disruption to the video wall.

Reliability is built into our design

Christie’s design is ideally suited for 24/7 installations. Purpose-built for collaborative, high-pressure environments, we design and manufacture our products to ensure high reliability and low maintenance requirements. Our rear-screen tiling projectors feature industry-renowned, highly reliable DLP® technology.