Control Rooms 101

Control Rooms 101: Everything that you wanted to know about control rooms... and maybe a bit more

If the image that comes to mind when you think of a control room is Houston’s Mission Control during the time of Apollo Space Missions, you are not alone. The world was caught up in the excitement of those early space flights and the central control room gave us a window into man’s greatest adventure.

Today control room technology is not just for the space program. It can be used in a wide range of applications.Utilities use control rooms to manage the generation, distribution and transmission of power, water, or gas. Broadcasters use them to control numerous incoming and outgoing feeds. Call centers use them to track communications.

The technology has changed over the years but the control room is still an operations center. Essentially, it brings together multiple data sources in real-time. That data is presented in a controllable visual format that can be displayed at any size for use by multiple operators. The result: a company gains absolute control of its environment 24/7, and potential issues can be quickly recognized and dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

The components of a control room

  • Observation room – usually found in larger control centers
  • Video walls - display ultra-high resolution graphic and data applications, large maps, schematics, SCADA applications, and multiple videos, with projectors, screens, and structures
  • Display control system/video wall controller – the hardware and software that manages the various feeds and displays them on the video wall

Choosing equipment

A key consideration when selecting control room equipment must be the quality and reliability of the components, as well as the level of support that will be provided by the vendor to front-line staff. Considering a provider? Be sure to ask:

  • Is the equipment tested and proven to operate reliably and consistently over time?
  • Are there built-in redundancy features to reduce down-time and performance interruptions?
  • How user-friendly is the equipment?
  • Does the architecture allow for fast response to failure correction?
  • What service and support can I expect from the manufacturer?

The Christie advantage

Christie offers the broadest range of control room products and integrated video wall display solutions on the market today. We continue to grow and expand with a complete new line of next generation, purpose-built rear projection display products and media wall control systems. For a detailed look at a control room from a display perspective, download our Video Wall Brightness Requirements Technical Guide.

Many of today’s leading global organizations rely on Christie’s control room solutions because we consistently meet and exceed industry standards. Contact one of our dealers to find out how Christie’s line of Control Room Solutions and video walls can be of benefit to your company.