Display Enclosures

Display Enclosures / Video Cubes: Face Value

Video cubes act as the highly mobile face of your command center. Just like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, video wall cubes are designed to interlock seamlessly, creating a video wall. Yet each cube is capable of displaying up to 16 individual video feeds. What that means for you is incredible versatility. You have the option of projecting multiple videos with different images, or one large single image.  Just like the broadcast control rooms you see on television news programs, your display enclosure enables you to disseminate a wealth of information from across the globe 24/7.

The growth factor

Today’s control rooms and video walls require multiple, scalable displays and the capability to control and interact with the information. Scalability is particularly crucial, given the increasing complexity of data. Add more video wall cubes and you increase the display surface, expanding your ability to view more information simultaneously, and boosting the resolution of the display wall. The higher resolution allows you to display additional content which will be seen at the same size, in addition to creating a video wall of superior quality. This is referred to as additive resolution. 

What’s in a video cube?

Top quality rear projection video cubes provide seamless images from several projection devices on one continuous display wall. Clients can customize according to their needs, creating purpose-built solutions that are versatile, easy to maintain, reliable and inexpensive to run. A video cube consists of four main components:

  • Cube enclosure: An environment devoid of ambient light. The cube enclosure ensures that even in harsh lighting conditions, the screen stays bright and clear.
  • Mirror: The mirror bends the direction of the light from the projection engine to the projection screen.
  • The projection screen: The surface on which the image is projected.
  • The projection engine: Projects the image onto the screen. 

The Christie advantage

Christie provides both custom and off-the-shelf designs to ensure that end users get what they want and need.  We can incorporate specialty features such as front access, movable displays and curved walls. To learn everything about control rooms, including display enclosures and video cubes, download our Video Wall Brightness Requirements Technical Guide.

Don’t see the size or type of cube or enclosure you’re interested in listed? Simply contact us, or one of our dealers, and we will be happy to quote a design based on your requirements or needs. Expect your quote within about two business days, while custom orders are typically shipped within 8 weeks after order receipt.