Video Wall Controllers

The Video Wall Controller in Your Control Room Network

The video wall controller is the central nervous system of your control room network. Without it, your video wall isn't much more than a slide show. The video wall controller server allows you to organize data from multiple sources and present critical information in real time to the people who need it to do their jobs.

Key considerations in the selection of a video wall controller server include:

  • Scalability
    The number of sources and amount of information your control room video wall needs to display will increase with time. Does your video wall controller have the scalability to handle your control room's information needs for the foreseeable future?

  • Interoperability
    Information sources may reside on many different operating systems – on UNIX servers, Windows networks, and perhaps on legacy mainframe systems. Can your video wall controller interface seamlessly with all sources? Does it use Internet technology and non-proprietary browser-based display software to permit remote monitoring and control?

  • Failover
    Your control room is mission critical, and it likely operates 24/7. You can't afford downtime. Does your video wall controller server have the failover capability to maintain peak performance for extended periods of time? Does it have redundancy features to ensure key functionality is there when and where you need it?

  • Integration
    A video wall tiling rear projection system presents an integrated, seamless display using multiple projectors. Can your video wall controller co-ordinate all of these projectors to create a single unified desktop display, whether on the video wall or on networked client computers?

Your search for the ideal video wall controller server solution will take all of these considerations into account. You want a solution that is going to provide the reliable performance needed in a mission-critical, 24/7 control room, and which will grow with your information processing needs and capabilities. That's how you judge video wall controller value.

The Christie advantage

Christie solutions feature the most advanced and reliable video wall controller hardware and software available today. Using proven Hewlett-Packard server technology, video wall control systems provide the performance, scalability, compatibility and versatility required to co-ordinate an array of video wall projectors, regardless of the size of the array and the number of projectors.

Download our Video Wall Brightness Requirements Technical Guide to learn what you need to know about basic control room projection requirements. Contact us today for more information on the Christie edge.