With a customer-centric approach to providing application-specific control room video wall displays, Christie has a long history of delivering high-quality, reliable solutions and unprecedented levels of customer service and support for control room customers worldwide.

Here is what our customers say about us:

“One of the great benefits of working with Christie is their ability to design and build to the specific needs of the facility. This customization ensures that the work space is set up according to all of the individual needs of the operator.”

- Fred Mitchell of Advanced Video Inc.

“We had total confidence working with the Christie team. It was very clear from the beginning
that they care about product quality.”

- Michael Viola, Principal Technologist, NASDAQ OMX Global Infrastructure

“The Christie team approached this project from a very strategic point of view, not just another project or proposal. From the beginning we worked closely with their engineering and production teams to find particular solutions for retrofitting our video wall. There were a number of challenges with this project and it had a very aggressive timeline yet the end result is a total success. By working together with the Christie team we were able to upgrade our video wall, enhancing brightness, contrast and resolution along with adding a new dynamic processing tool that will allow us to do even more with our content.”

- John P. Son, Director, Technical Operations, NASDAQ OMX

“The display wall allows us to perform our duties better than we’ve ever done before. And there’s a “wow” factor, as we are the first traffic department in Ontario, if not Canada, to utilize such technology. The display wall is the perfect technology for our applications.” 

- Doug MacKay, Project Manager, Traffic Engineering and Operations Division, for the Region of Durham’s Works Department.

“Christie’s support during this project has been great. They provided any and all assistance we needed to implement this advanced video wall solution on budget and ahead of schedule.” 

- Jeremy Caldera, Thompson Electronics

“Control rooms are very demanding and specialized installations. With Christie technology, we were able to meet the project needs and provide an intricate and dependable video display wall to facilitate collaboration on issues of public safety.”

- Michel Gauthier, Post Production and Control Room Sales, Applied Electronics.

“We liked the fact that Evertz processors and Christie cubes both spoke to each other. One of the underlying concepts is that we knew we would be putting nothing on the system that was unproven.”

- Tom Gallagher, Project director, Scottish Television

“The main reason for adopting this solution was the complete flexibility it offered us — and the reduced installation costs. This Christie system was installed by us in a day.”

- Gary Welsh, Head of Broadcast Technology,  Scottish Television