Siheung UTIS

This is one of our first installations of the Christie Entero™ LED! This 6x3 configuration includes 18 Christie Entero™ RPMSP-LED01 engines with 50” cubes, for a 20’ x 7’.5” display wall surface. The Siheung UTIS center will benefit from the Entero™ LED many industry leading features including its zero maintenance design.
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Next-generation, LED-based projectors

First. Brightest. Wireless control.

The Christie® Entero™ HB HD rear projection engines are part of an expanded series of control room display solutions and are the first, and only, LED control room projection engines to offer Wi-Fi® capability so you can make adjustments, control the wall or perform diagnostic monitoring through a wireless device, like an iPad.

Th​is innovative solution is part of the newest generation of high-performance, high-brightness, LED rear projection engines with up to 1350 lumens in brightness capability – the brightest LED projectors available. Plus, they come with Christie ArraySync™ for superior, intelligent, automatic color and brightness management.

Designed for new video wall systems such as cubes or structures, Christie’s rear-screen video wall display projectors are the engines that drive high-performance video walls. 

The new Christie Entero™ HB series of  LED-based, rear-screen tiling projectors are built with high performance and high reliability in mind.

Built for high performance

Christie Entero HB series projectors produce clear, brilliant images that stay consistent across the display wall and across time. Here are the features that make our LED-based, rear-screen tiling projectors high performing:

  • up to 1350 lumens in brightness capability​
  • vivid color presentation and a wider color gamut than traditional mercury-based lamps 
  • the best data and video imaging through DLP® technology  
  • precise geometric alignment from an integrated, six-axis adjustment system 
  • industry-leading SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) or HD (1920 x 1080) resolutions  
  • ArraySync™ – proprietary, third-generation intelligent, automatic, brightness and color management with 12-bit RGB processing for accurate color management for the life of the display
  • a sealed optical design means no filters to replace
  • an innovative cooling system with heat-pipe technology eliminates the need for motorized heat pumps or hazardous materials

Purpose-built for reliability

All Christie video wall display solutions use proven technologies, such as DLP®, that can withstand constant, long-term use without degrading in performance. Our video wall display solutions have a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) on major modules of 50,000 hours – that’s up to six years of uninterrupted operation!

These are some of the features that make Christie solutions so reliable:

  • over 60,000 hours of LED illumination lifetime rating – the highest in the AV industry
  • reduced disruption because there are no consumable components to replace
  • Christie's industry-leading service and support  
  • Christie ArraySync™ ensures automatic color and brightness management reducing the need for frequent color and brightness recalibrations 
  • the only moving parts within the Christie Entero HB series LED system are three sets of cooling fans (each set has one redundant fan to reduce any downtime)

Low cost of ownership – by design

High performance and high reliability translate into low cost of ownership. Christie’s video wall display design is:

  • Zero maintenance – You won’t experience video wall downtime or spend money replacing lamps, dust filters or color wheels. 
  • Solid state – There are no motorized color wheels or heat pumps, arc lamps or mechanical apertures that can break down.  
  • Modular – If one component needs repair or replacement, it doesn’t affect the rest of the video wall.

LED-based rear-screen tiling projectors

Both the Christie Entero HB series and the original Christie Entero™ LED-based rear screen tiling projectors support a wide range of resolutions and display sizes, and use Christie's proven, leading-edge technologies. Because our projectors easily integrate into existing video wall systems, they’re ideal for existing system upgrades. 

We can help you choose the right projector for your custom display wall or retrofit. Each Christie control room video wall solution features an advanced DLP® rear-projection system, a Christie custom display system and advanced video wall controller hardware and software.

Christie has the solution to fit your needs.