Durham Region

The new Traffic Operations Center consolidates both engineering and operations in one facility housing Durham Regions’ computerized signal control system.
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LCD flat panels

High-definition displays, extremely low operating costs – a perfect combination.

Today’s high-performance LCD flat-panel technology is more affordable and more flexible than ever before, offering high-definition resolution, virtually seamless displays with energy efficient LED backlighting and high pixel density for critical monitoring applications or digital displays.

Choosing Christie® gives you peace of mind. Our professional-grade, LCD flat-panel display solutions are backed by industry leading training, warranties and technical support and offer both tiled display options and ultra high resolution discrete displays.

Powerhouse solutions for critical monitoring applications

Christie FHD461-X Compared to other high-resolution, large-format tiled displays, Christie’s flat panels are more affordable. But that doesn’t mean they’re cheap on bright, sharp images. The:

have high pixel density and a small pixel pitch – which means your images are sharp and clear at any distance.

Christie has everything you need to bring your tiled display wall to life — mounting systems, image processors and media servers, and the technology to incorporate touchscreen interactivity into your display.

UHD resolution – discrete displays with performance power and flexibility

Christie QuadHD84 With unmatched resolution and performance capabilities, Christie UHD LCD panels provide an optimal solution for today’s demanding monitoring applications, where large, discrete displays are required. Using four times as many pixels as a standard 1080p HD screen for true 3840 x 2160 resolution, the:

deliver​ richly detailed, high-resolution content with pristine image clarity.

Super fast 60Hz processing ensures you’ll achieve high-performance displays, for accurate monitoring and decision-making. Christie’s UHD LCD panels – affordable, easy to use, ultra high-definition for your professional monitoring applications.​