Christie Network Operations Center

Christie is a global leader in visual applications for world-class organizations, offering diverse display solutions for a variety of businesses, including the entertainment industry. This NOC facility was expanded to address the ongoing growth of digital cinema and on-screen advertising opportunities.
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Next-generation, LED-based video wall cubes

High-brightness and wireless control.

​​​​​The Christie® Entero®​ HB leads the industry in performance, reliability and confidence for control room video walls. With the first, and only, LED control room display to offer Wi-Fi® capability, these cubes allow you to make adjustments, control the wall or perform diagnostic monitoring through a wireless device, like an iPad or similar wireless device.

Our innovative solution marks the next generation of high-brightness control room LED displays, with up to 1350 lumens capability, and the brightest LED projection for cubes available.

Christie’s LED-based video wall display sizes

Control rooms, command centers and network operations centers are designed for 24/7, interactive and collaborative monitoring. With their zero-maintenance design and vivid color presentation, Christie LED-based displays are an ideal solution for any control room environment.

The Christie Entero HB Series offers the following set of standard-sized, stackable, LED-illuminated, rear-screen and front-screen projection cubes. Our front access design addresses space limitations with the ability to put the cubes directly up against a wall while maintaining performance, image quality and reliability.


50” SXGA+ 50” SXGA+ front access 67” SXGA+ 80” SXGA+
50" SXGA+ 50" SXGA+ front access 67" SXGA+ 80" SXGA+
70” HD 70” HD front access 70” SXGA+ 70” SXGA+ front access
70" HD 70" HD front access 70" SXGA+ 70" SXGA+ front access
72" WUXGA 72" WUXGA front access 
50" SXGA+ 72" WUXGA front access 

Christie’s next-generation, LED-based display cubes offer several benefits:

  • Brightest LED projection for cubes available – up to 1350 lumens capability
  • Solid state illumination technology – no consumable components
  • Wi-Fi enabled – first and only wireless LED video wall
  • Superior automatic color control – third-generation, automatic LED video wall for brightness and color management, keeps the entire display looking sharp and consistent
  • Extremely long life – rated lifetime of >60,000 hours (almost 7 years)
  • Front and rear access designs – design flexibility without compromising performance
  • Instant on – LEDs turn on instantly
  • No motorized color wheels to replace – the high-speed, on/off capability of LEDs eliminates the need for a motorized color wheel in our 1​DLP® projectors
  • A wider color gamut for more vivid color – the color spectral characteristics and range surpass traditional color wheel-based systems, creating more realistic images
  • Fewer visible sequencing artifacts – red, green and blue LEDs can be sequenced at far faster rates than color wheels, eliminating visible sequencing artifacts
  • Better brightness control – LEDs have a wide range of brightness control with no need for mechanical apertures to adjust brightness
  • Environmentally responsible – LEDs are an environmentally responsible, “green” light source
  • Safe – no hazardous materials, maintenance-free, water-filled metal-sealed heat pipes for effective cooling

What is a zero-maintenance design?

Once your video wall is operational, you shouldn’t have to do a thing to keep it looking great. Our LED-based display cubes were designed to be zero-maintenance with no consumables. You don’t have to replace parts or adjust the display.

Christie Entero HB LED displays feature built-in Christie LiteLOC and Christie ColorLOC for automatic, independent brightness and color management. These displays also use Christie ArraySync – third-generation, innovative technology with 12-bit RGB color sensing and monitoring for continuous color and brightness management in every cube, across the entire display wall.

The result is the ideal control room solution for video walls of any size, without constant maintenance and adjustments that disrupt operation and cause unproductive downtime.