End of life announcement

Posted 3/3/2010

Effective immediately, the Christie D120U Series rear screen projectors and related cube enclosures have reached end of life (EOL) status.

While the D120U has proven to be one of the most reliable 24/7 products available, Christie is committed to continuous product improvement. As such, the best elements of the D120U design has evolved into the D132U Series which offers a host of feature and performance improvements including: 

  • >10% brightness improvement
  • Increased contrast ratio
  • Air-bearing color wheel with 50,000 hours MTBF
  • Expanded auto-brightness capabilities
  • Expanded auto-color capabilities with built-in color sensor
  • Precision wide angle 0.69:1 lens (1.2:1 also available on SXGA+ version)

As standard policy, Christie provides service and support for five years from the date of this announcement. For more information, please contact your Christie sales representative.