Seattle Rail and Christie

Seattle light rail system opens for service with a Christie video wall
Posted 5/13/2010

Sound Transit designed, and now operates, the light rail commuter system in King County, Seattle, Washington. The first phase of the project was complete with service available to commuters in July 2009.

When the entire line is complete, it will include 15 miles of line with 13 transfer stations. The 17 trains utilize the lines with connector services for buses within the downtown core. Ridership is expected to reach 21,000 riders daily.

The Link Control Center (LCC) operators watch over movement of the cars on the line. The LCC is the nerve center for the system, ensuring timetables are kept and passengers are safe. A Christie display wall utilizes a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to ensure that the two operators have a complete view of the rail system.

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