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CAFKA.07 Contemporary Art Exhibition

Artists’ interpretation of truth as it exists in a digitally-driven world

Christie was the lead corporate sponsor for CAFKA.07 HAPTIC, an international forum of contemporary public art in Kitchener and environs, September 20 – 30, 2007.

Throughout the exhibit, Christie’s industry-leading projection systems played an integral role in projects by many of today’s renowned contemporary artists.  Among the highlights, the Christie Roadster HD18K 3-Chip DLP® projector – the world’s brightest true High Definition projector in its class – powered Meyer’s Tuchfuhlung, an installation constructed of stretched fabric and cable that created a walk-through architectural space touching and changing the façade of Kitchener City Hall.  At night, images were projected upon the fabric, utilizing ChristieTWIST™ edge warping and edge-blending module to create the dramatic visual effects. 

In addition, two Christie Roadster HD18K projectors beamed CAFKA.07 HAPTIC trailers onto the Kitchener City Hall beacon tower.

Other pieces that used Christie projectors included Australian Mark Cypher’s musical Concrescence, which depicted visitors’ shadows as they combined with household objects projected upon a screen, at the Zero to One; Canadian Artist Wyn Geleynse’s video piece, Guilt at the King Street Theatre Centre; and Prosthetic Head an interactive projection by Australian performance artist Stelarc and featured the Christie LX120 projector.  The piece was a provocative 3D prosthetic head that has real time lip-synching, speech synthesis and facial expression featured at the Rotunda of Kitchener’s City Hall.

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  • Duration: 1:18
  • Language: English