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Christie CP2000-ZX Introduction Video

Compact and Cost-Effective Digital Cinema Projector

This video is an interview with Brian Claypool, Christie’s Senior Product Manger, Entertainment Solutions, discussing the Christie CP2000-ZX Digital Cinema projector one week before its official launch at ShoWest 2007.

During this interview, Brian discusses the following topics:

  • The CP2000-ZX’s overall features and benefits 
  • How the CP2000-ZX is different from current Christie Digital Cinema projectors 
  • Why the CP2000-ZX is the best choice currently for theatre owners 
  • Why the CP2000-ZX is a great choice for post production houses 
  • How Christie reduced the cost of owning a Digital Cinema projector with the CP2000-ZX 
  • What ‘built-in web services” are and how they make the CP2000-ZX a better product 
  • The CP2000-ZX’s ease of maintenance 
  • How the CP2000-ZX will effect movie-going audiences 
  • What exactly is ‘alternative content’ and what the CP2000-ZX is capable of displaying 
  • ​Why theatre owners should use the CP2000-ZX to make the switch to a digital platform
  • Category: Cinema Solutions
  • Duration: 8:26
  • Language: English