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Christie presents true-to-life images for ESRI.

ESRI was founded by Jack Dangermond as Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc., in 1969 as a privately held consulting firm that specialized in land-use analysis projects. In 1982, ESRI launched its first commercial geographic information system (GIS) software called ARC/INFO. It combined computer display geographic features with a database management tool for assigning attributes to these features. Today, ESRI continues to innovate with the goal of creating the software tools that enable people to take and create maps for various purposes – business, industry, government – according to their specific geographic needs.

"There were several months of research, walking tradeshow floors, evaluating specifications and side-by-side demonstrations before the final design and equipment selection came together. It just made sense to choose Christie."

Jim Sorensen, Graphics Services Manager, ESRI

To get further information on this ins​tallation download our ESRI Customer Story.

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 2:57
  • Language: English