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World’s first Laser-Projected full-length movie screening debuts with Christie Laser Projector

2D Light Levels Achieved For 3D at IBC 2012 ‘Big Screen’ Event


Christie Laser Projection provided one of the undoubted highlights of IBC 2012, with the world premiere of a laser-projected  full-length movie,at the IBC Big Screen event.

The screening delivered unprecedented 2D light levels for 3D content and, in the process, addressed one of the cinema industry’s most pressing problems – the unsatisfactory showing of 3D content at low light levels, typically less than 3 foot lamberts (ft-L), when 14 ft-L is the standard for 2D films.

Prior to the screening, Dr. Don Shaw, senior director, Product Management, Christie Entertainment Solutions, addressed the low brightness problem in detail.  Noted stereographers Demetri Portelli (‘Hugo’) and Corey Turner (‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’) introduced comparison clips of their films at 3ft-L and then, as they were meant to be seen, at 14ft-L, to further demonstrate the gains in detail, colour, and contrast, through laser projection.

This was followed by Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo 3D” – the first laser projection screening of a feature-length 3D movie at 2D brightness levels, courtesy of Paramount Pictures International, Christie and XPAND 3D.​

  • Category: Cinema Solutions
  • Duration: 3:34
  • Language: English