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Gibson/Martelli Experimental Art in Christie 3D

What would it be like to ‘fly’ over a remote, Nordic island near the Arctic? Gallery visitors found out for themselves in an amazing, stereoscopic installation.


​In Search of Abandoned 2013 installation, CAVE - Interactive Virtual Environment, Christie Mirage HD6 stereoscopic DPL projectors, procedurally generated sound, rope, yacht wheel, custom interface, screen.
Part of the 80ºN exhibition, 'In Search of Abandoned' allows visitors to explore a non-place in the Arctic Circle. The terrain presents itself as a three dimensional stereoscopic image - a lattice of woven geometry with dynamic sound bringing together an imagined view of place & an experienced one.
80ºN supported by a CAFKA / Christie Residency Program, Christie Digital & WorldViz, Arts Council England & QUAD.
  • Category: Corporate; Simulation Solutions;
  • Duration: 00:29
  • Language: English