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ISE 2012 - Christie MicroTiles and JumpStart

Richard Heslett, Product Manager, Business Products Christie presents Christie MicroTiles, and the new Christie JumpStart content management solution.

Multi Award-winning MicroTiles now feature enhanced screen, for better rendering and visibility angles. Christie MicroTiles are building blocks that can be stacked to create any shape or form. The LED light source, coupled with proven DLP® technologies allows better colour reproduction. Christie MicroTiles are rated at 65,000 hours (7.5 years) of continuous use to mid brightness, making it the perfect solution for a rental staging environment.

The Christie Jumpstart is an affordable and high performance front-end content solution ideally suited for delivering informative and attractive content to 5-10 megapixel tiled digital displays such as Christie MicroTiles.

If this video has got you wondering how you could make use of Christie MicroTiles, watch our video and read our case study on the 508 MicroTiles used in the London Stock Exchange.

  • Category: Commercial & Public Displays; MicroTiles;
  • Duration: 3:12
  • Language: English