Customer story

2014 G20 Brisbane Summit

Combination of Christie’s versatile Spyder X20 video processor and Christie Roadster HD-20K-J projectors deliver unmatched levels of performance and reliability

The G20 Summit in Brisbane was a resounding success and BCEC was impressed with Christie’s flexibility as well as the support network in place. The equipment and redundancy solutions performed beyond expectations and BCEC is delighted with Christie’s participation.

Although a single Christie® Spyder X20 was sufficient for the task during the two-day Summit, the second Spyder X20 ran in parallel and functioned as a dependable solution. While stress-testing the equipment and simulating various scenarios, the transition between the Spyder X20s was smooth and seamless. The Christie Roadster HD20K-J powered with Xenon Illumination, deployed at the delegates’ viewing area, delivered an extremely vibrant and realistic 3D projection mapping display of the G20 logo.

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