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Australian Gas and Oil Supercenter

University of Adelaide's South Australian Virtual Reality Center

In conjunction with West Australian company Jumbo Vision International, Christie completed the South Australia Virtual Reality Centre (SAVRC) in the University of Adelaide, Australia.

This US$3.6-million 3D Visualization Centre which is located within the Australian School of Petroleum at the Santos Petroleum Building, is funded by 18 commercial and education stakeholders to boost the local education and research efforts, particularly in geosciences and petroleum engineering.

 Designed, manufactured and integrated by Christie’s Western Australia-based partner, Jumbo Vision International, the new state-of-the-art SAVRC features three imposing screens which can be combined to offer a total viewing area of 15 square metres. Each screen features its own rear-projection system, which consists of a Christie Mirage 2000. These Mirage 2000s offer new levels of brightness and image through Christie-designed electronics that provide high bandwidth, frame rates, pixel and clock speeds resulting in the most advanced digital signal processing for all types of stereo images.

Designed for mainly Oil and Gas applications, the projection design also includes motorized soft and hard edge blending, lightweight, low-cost active Radio Frequency (RF) glasses and motorized side screens. Using this technology, geoscientists can analyse and interpret seismic data, well logs, reservoir pressure and rock saturation data simultaneously, "walking through" a 3D representation of underground rock structures. To enhance the 3D visualization experience, full motion tracking, full surround sound and real-time computing capability area are deployed. Content can be generated from a SGI three channel Onyx and from Stereo PC's (running Windows and Linux OS; also from PC Clusters), and played out from DVD, VHS, etc. Control is achieved via a 15” Jumbo Vision-designed Control Touch screen.

Quick Facts

  • Customer:
    University of Adelaide
  • Partner:
    Jumbo Vision International
  • Location:
  • Configuration:
    3 Christie Mirage DLP® Projectors