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Bosch Showcases New Appliance Range With Christie

A to V’s New HD10K-M’s At Hub Of Creative Reveal

Manchester-based rental staging company, A to V, have dipped into their new fleet of Christie Roadster HD10K-M 3-chip DLP projectors to help stage a major product launch for production company Livenet's client, Bosch Home Appliances.

Held at the International Centre, Telford, the event was designed to showcase the company’s new 2009 built-in cooking range, with over 300 major appliances on display, along with many smaller items.

The event's producer and MD of Livenet, Peter Lindsey-Jones, was delighted with the brightness and clarity of the projected images. "The audience were so close to the four screens that initially we had concerns about the image quality, but these concerns proved to be completely unjustified," he said.

A to V fielded four of their six HD10K-M projectors, fitted with 2.6-4.1:1 zoom lenses.

“We had been looking for some time to update our mid-range (10,000 ANSI lumens) units to a widescreen/HD format as we already have high end units in this format,” said A to V director, Allan Hindley. “We had reviewed and demoed all the products on the market and concluded that the Christie units offered the best combination of features, image quality and cost effectiveness.

“We knew that we had the Bosch job coming up and given the feature set of the projectors, it was logical that this should be the first outing for the new units.”

In Telford, the 9500 ANSI lumens HD devices were placed around the outside of a 16m diameter circular auditorium, mounted on wooden platforms, attached to Superlifts, from where they created a semi-octagonal image on four edge-butted screens (each measuring approximately 5.5m x 3.1m). These were suspended from a custom metal framework using high speed truss motors, which allowed the screens to be flown out at the end of each show. All trusswork and lighting was carried out by DBN Lighting, spearheaded by Nigel Walker, who was the event’s technical co-ordinator.

The show itself consisted of a 20-second walk-in segment and a 5-minute main video (the walk-in looped to allow time for the 30-seat auditorium to be filled). Towards the end of the main show which followed, the screens were raised and four large curved doors behind the screens were opened to allow the audience to walk through the set and onto the product demonstration floor at the rear. The content was put together (with 5.1 audio) using a combination of camera, HD video and high res stills footage along with some corporate graphics.

Each HD10K-M was fed with a 1920 x 1080p @ 50Hz video feed generated by fast sequential TIF files, via A to V’s twin output 7th Sense Delta media servers (running disc access speeds of around 360Mbit/s). These were synced together to cater for the four-screen display, each outputting two screens’ worth of video, and fed to the projectors using dedicated multicore fibre-optic cables with Thinklogical Tx and Rx units. This created an overall screen resolution display of 7680 x 1080, at 50Hz.

The show was repeated around 20 times a day for four days (with the Christie HD10K-M projectors completing a total duty cycle of 48 hours). During this time there was a total throughput of approximately 1,000 people.

The purchase of the HD10K-M had marked A to V’s debut with Christie technology, and Allan Hindley was delighted that his faith proved justified. “The projectors performed extremely well over the four days, completing around 100 shows during that period,” he confirmed. “As a result of this success we now have several more shows lined up for them.”

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