Customer Story

Burlington COMPASS Intelligent Traffic System

The COMPASS system was installed in the Ontario Ministry of Transport's (MTO) Burlington, ON, facility in 1986 to alleviate traffic congestion due to construction and peak traffic volume on the Burlington Bay skyway.

It enables operators to detect traffic slowdowns, disabled vehicles and collisions, resulting in a reduction in traffic congestion, accidents, and delays in the Skyway corridor. Its ongoing mission is to dispatch appropriate responses in a timely manner so that incidents can be dealt with promptly.

The traffic operations centre is the focal point for all communications and control - it’s in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it is responsible for all Ministry freeway management activities within the Niagara, Hamilton, Halton and portions of Peel region.

Increases in traffic mean increases in the data and incidents that the Burlington TOC must handle. When the MTO made the decision to implement a control room video wall at the Burlington TOC, they were under serious time constraints, and needed to implement a system that would handle the data and video feeds reliably and in real time.

The TOC's control room video wall was designed by Applied Electronic Limited's A/V group in close consultation with the MTO's experienced users. With a 30' x 30' room to design for, the Christie cubes made perfect sense. The system was supplied and installed by AEL in the summer of 2005. The large video wall is comprised of Christie CX50-D100U cubes with customized base assemblies, each fed by a multi-video processor. All images displayed are in real-time.

Download the complete PDF case study for this Christie control room installation.

The Christie Advantage

With $800,000 in new equipment and a video wall with 54 monitors tracking different highway locations, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation Burlington COMPASS Centre keeps a watchful eye on highways in Niagara, Hamilton, Halton and portions of Peel Region. The people who drive these highways daily are the biggest beneficiaries, but MTO has also realized ROI in the form of:

  • Reduced service costs, due to longer lasting lamps.
  • Seamless integration and leading-edge monitoring capabilities, Christie's innovative display solutions help MTO maintain the flow of traffic more efficiently and effectively.

Quick Facts

  • Customer:
    Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO), Burlington COMPASS Centre
  • Location:
    Ontario, Canada
  • Configuration:
    2 x 6 array video wall - CX60-D100U display wall