Customer Story

Christie and Galaxy Theatres Provide An "Out Of This World" Experience

Live Earth to Space Station Chat with NASA astronauts for Washington

Establishing a connection with NASA’s International Space Station traveling at about 17,500 MPH approximately 125 miles above the surface of the earth seems like an astronomical feat. But holding a live 25-minute Q&A with Key Peninsula Middle School students was an “out of this world” experience that none will soon forget.

Galaxy Theatres in Gig Harbor, Washington has 10 screens. All ten are fitted with Christie CP2000 digital cinema projectors. The largest is the main theatre at almost 100’ wide. When Expedition 18 astronauts Mike Fincke and Sandra Magnus appeared onscreen, floating in space, their “Good morning Key Peninsula school students,” was met with a rousing cheer from all ten theaters.

Quick Facts

  • Customer:
    Galaxy Cinemas
  • Location:
    Washington, USA
  • Configuration:
    10 x Christie CP2000s