Customer Story

Chunghwa Telecoms Network Management Center

Installing and servicing Taiwan’s telecommunications facilities such as Chunghwa Telecoms is an accomplishment that DACOMS Technology, Christie’s exclusive distributor in Taiwan, can proudly stand behind.

In 18 years, DACOMS has become the leader in audio-visual and multimedia design software/hardware integration and with them, Christie’s leadership in over 80% of telecommunications facilities throughout Taiwan.

The latest project, Chunghwa Telecoms, serves as an example of the synergies between system integration visionary and a projection manufacturing leader. The 24/7 mission critical installation, Chunghwa Telecoms International Network Management Center in Taizhong (Central Taiwan), is Taiwan’s largest with 24 Christie DLV-1280 DLP® rear projectors and a single FRC-5000 wall display controller, at its core.

The center’s video wall in a 3x8 array displays a complex network of fixed and mobile phone lines, news broadcast and weather reports. The video display is connected to 32 workstations lined within the control room’s floor area of 59ft x 50ft (18m x 15.3m).

The FRC-5000 is designed to integrate and organize a variety of media sources onto large-screen displays where operators can control their entire network operations. The FRC-5000’s industrial rack mount design combines a tight integration of comprehensive application and wall management software with a high performance, high reliability hardware architecture.

Operators conduct real-time monitoring and measurement of the calling pattern and traffic volumes on domestic and international networks. Immediate action is taken to prevent congestion that can paralyze the network in the case of facility failure or switch overload. Quick identification of the network problem and swift response time are especially crucial as the region and, particularly, Taipei is prone to sudden natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. As a result of this added challenge, the projectors were nailed onto an anti-tremor rack and double-checked for stability.

“We visited every network center in the country and conducted our own research before commissioning the building of the control room…we tried, tested and compared many brands side by side,” says Mr. Chen Zheng Tian, director, Chunghwa Telecoms. “Christie stood out with its DLP-based technology. Displayed images remain crystal clear even with the lights on.”

Behind the workstations are several conference and meeting room facilities. The foyer, lodged above, provides a bird’s eye view of the setup for the numerous VIPs, government officials and customers who visit the center each year.

Christie’s partner in Taiwan, DACOMS Technology Ltd, tendered for the project and completed the entire design and installation process within three months. “Extreme care was taken during installation to ensure that even when the surroundings are shaken by natural disasters, the center continues to run smoothly,” says Mr. Andy Liu, sales manager, DACOMS. “We are looking at products that will last for the next 5, 10, 20 years to compliment our technical support and maintenance for the center. I am confident that Christie’s solutions will continue to deliver the best and most consistent colors and brightness for a long time down the road.”

DACOMS and Christie have enjoyed a strong commercial alliance for the last nine years. Together, the two companies have managed projects for several companies in Taiwan such as Taipei City Traffic, Chunghwa Telecoms International and EXECUTIVE YUAN Republic of China National Space Program.

Chunghwa Telecoms Corporation (CHT), incorporated on July 1st, 1996 under the direction of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, provides telecommunication and information-related services such as local and international long-distance calls, GSM, data communication, Internet services, broadband networking, satellite communication, intelligent network, mobile data and multimedia broadband.

DACOMS Technology was established in 1985 and, over the years, has continued its impressive growth and expertise in professional systems integration.  In 1996, DACOMS successfully completed the Traffic Control Center Display System for the Taipei City Government, followed by numerous other government large-scale projects.

Quick Facts

  • Customer:
    Chunghwa Telecoms Network Management Center
  • Partner:
    DACOMS Technology Ltd
  • Location:
  • Configuration:
    24 Christie DLP® rear projectors
    Christie wall display controller