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Cineville Calls on Christie to meet its Digital Cinema Projection needs

Christie selected as Cineville's main supplier to support its digital cinema rollout

Christie, had been selected as Cinéville's main supplier to support its digital rollout plan and gradually equip the group and its cinemas.

Ciné Digital Service will be in charge of the deployment. Funding for Cinéville's gradual switchover is based on an agreement signed in March 2009 with Ymagis, a third-party facilitator using a virtual print fee (VPF) model as part of its European deployment plan.

Cinéville, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SOREDIC, one of the largest distribution and programming groups in France, has decided to go digital. Cinéville is mainly present in the Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions, and runs 14 multiplexes either directly or through its subsidiaries, representing no fewer than 108 screens. To support the progressive rollout for the group and its subsidiaries, Cinéville has signed an agreement with Ymagis, which will also offer Cinédiffusion network members technical and financial solutions for acquiring digital projection systems.

Yves Sutter, CEO of Cinéville, explains: "We are aiming to achieve a 100% equipment rate for the different multiplexes in our network. The idea behind the large-scale rollout of digital projection systems in our cinemas is to significantly enhance the cinema experience by creating true added value for the public. With the Christie range of digital cinema systems, we can guarantee cinema-goers far superior picture quality than currently obtained with 35 mm copies."

The group's first site to be equipped was Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire early July 2009. Vannes Parc Lann and Saint-Nazaire are next in line. Other cinemas will gradually be equipped, depending on available digital content, in two successive waves: the first should finish by the end of 2009 and the second before June 2010.

"We are delighted to have been named main supplier for Cinéville's gradual switchover to digital," says Pascal Gervais, European Director at Christie. "The rate at which cinemas have been going digital has been constantly on the up in recent years: we can rightly be proud of our select status in supplying equipment to a large number of key players in the film industry. Cinéville's ambitious deployment plan translates the determination of this independent company to reinforce its structure and procure the means to offer viewers digital equipment boasting unwaveringly flawless quality. This strength of character is specific to the French group and is supported by a rich and unique national film-making industry. We are also delighted to be working on this project with Ciné Digital Service, which will install and maintain our products through its partner Ciné Service in Nantes."

Ciné Digital Service, a movie equipment specialist, has been chosen to install some 67 2K digital protectors from the Christie CP2000 range, including 46 Christie CP2000-M projectors, 8 Christie CP2000-ZX projectors and 13 CP2000-SB projectors. Based on the 2K DLP Cinema® technology, the renowned Christie CP2000 series is installed in over 4 400 systems around the world: over 550 projectors are currently in use in France. The Christie CP2000-ZX and CP2000-SB projectors feature the Christie Brilliant3D™ technology, an innovation that boosts image brightness, while driving down operating costs by offering a single lens solution for multidimensional content, especially for 3D which requires an even higher output brightness rate. The enhanced brightness ranks them among the only digital projectors capable of covering screen sizes up to 30 metres. The CP2000-M is designed for screens up to 10 metres.

"We have a special relationship with Christie, whose digital experience and top-tier product expertise are second-to-none," concludes Daniel Grall, manager of the Ciné Digital Service network. "With over 550 projectors to be maintained in France, every day we bear witness to Christie's ability to meet cinema companies' needs and expectations for flexibility, versatility and diversity. Its projectors offer enhanced brightness levels and energy-efficient lamps that beat the competition in terms of lumens per watt and reliability, with a clear advantage when it comes to total cost of ownership."

"We are thrilled and would like to thank Yves Sutter, Cinéville and the associated cinemas for renewing their trust in us," advises Jean-Noël Fagot, CEO of Ciné Digital Services / TACC. "Proposing the Christie brand to Cinéville was an obvious choice, since Christie has been our preferred partner since 2001. The CP2000 range lends itself perfectly to integration inside projection booths. Cinéville chose us as the main supplier and installation provider, since our group - Ciné Digital Service - in partnership with Christie won them over with our guaranteed quality of service. The union between Ciné Digital Service and Christie is the only one capable of offering a network of five branches across the whole of France, all of which featuring the technical resources and spare parts to guarantee an immediate callout without any downtime. We would like to congratulate Cinéville for being bold enough to renew its equipment and offer cinemagoers perfect picture quality and an unprecedented movie experience."

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